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Jun 28, 1992


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  1. Tim Lucas, Video WatchBlog
  2. Arbogast on Film
  3. Zach Shildwachter, Z for Zombies
  4. Sarah James, Scare Sarah
  5. Corey, Evil on Two Legs
  6. Joel Harley, Porkhead's Horror Review Hole
  7. Andre Dumas, The Horror Digest
  8. Nate Yapp, Classic Horror
  9. Cortez the Killer, Planet of Terror
  10. Casey Criswell, Cinema Fromage
  11. The Mike, From Midnight, With Love
  12. Emily Intravia, The Deadly Doll's House of Horror Nonsense
  13. Max Cheney Considine, The Drunken Severed Head
  14. Iloz Zoc, Zombo's Closet of Horror
  15. Tim Grant, Post-Mortem Depression
  16. Amanda by Night, Made for TV Mayhem
  17. Craig Moorhead, Your Guignol is Grand


Zach S. said...

thanks again for the fun times.

jmcozzoli said...

A truly awesome assemblage of horror blogging pulchritude.