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Jun 24, 1992


In April 2009 I wrote, shot, and edited a film titled Ludlow, starring Shannon Lark and Elissa Dowling.

Krista (Shannon Lark) leaves her boyfriend behind and drives to a rundown desert motel to await the arrival of her sister Maddy (Elissa Dowling). Broken and abused, Krista downs prescription pills and cheap vodka to forget her troubled past. As she sits alone in the motel room, her grip on reality lessens until neither Krista nor the viewer can tell what's real and what's not.

Click to visit Ludlow's IMDb page.

**Ludlow is currently out of print. But it is available for download on Gumroad! CLICK THIS LINK!





Ruben Romero said...

I wanna see

Thomas Duke said...

Looks cool! I like teasers that are vague (especially for horror). It's about piquing interest instead of quickly telling you everything that happens in the movie. I'm also glad that it's not actually a remake of Bill Rebane's fairly crappy "Demons of Ludlow".

Stacie Ponder said...

Those are my thoughts regarding trailers exactly- especially teasers. For cripes sake, the trailer for Quarantine gave away the ending!

I can't believe you've seen The Demons of Ludlow. I actually reviewed it- I was terrified it would have SOMETHING to do with my movie, doesn't. Ah, Rebane. I have a soft spot for his crap, though I don't know why.

Thanks very much!!

Lastech said...

The desert's an amazing place. In a spot way down South, further on than the Salton sea, I once had a conversation with my wife standing 40 feet away in a low voice.
Strange acoustics...