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Jun 16, 1992

AMC archive

  1. Remakes shmremakes
  2. 3D Movies are effing awesome
  3. Made-for-TV terrors
  4. Horror comics on the big screen
  5. Slasher-of-the-Month Club
  6. I'm just wild about Jason
  7. Exit lines
  8. Cars that KILL KILL KILL!
  9. Horror movie moms
  10. Furniture hates you
  11. It's all about the masks
  12. Based on a true story, shmased on a true story
  13. Horror movie dads
  14. When it comes to possession, looks are everything
  15. All about Lon Chaney
  16. Shark Attack 4: The Bloggening
  17. He's the goddamn Batman.
  18. Horror comedies, or "Why am I not in on the joke?"
  19. Every vampire has a flavor
  20. Drive-in double features
  21. SciFi Scanner: Future's so bleak, I gotta wear crazy eye makeup
  22. Linnea Quigley & Michelle Bauer: two great tastes
  23. All about Bette Davis
  24. Unexpected horrors
  25. 10 reasons why Phantasm rules
  26. Horror anthologies 101
  27. It ain't easy being an evil sidekick
  28. Disaster movies!
  29. TV shows for horror icons
  30. I love a gimmick
  31. D.I.Y. slasher movie!
  32. Great moments in gore
  33. All about Resident Evil
  34. If you like this, try that!
  35. 10 little horror gems
  36. Sleepaway Camp, yo
  37. What Ever Happened to Hag Horror?
  38. Final Girls: The Last Ones Standing
  39. Wintertime horrors
  40. D.I.Y. horror movies
  41. Elevator horror
  42. Killer plants and killer trees are killer
  43. Horrifying hotels
  44. How Scream led to a slasher renaissance
  45. Yeti vs Snowbeast in the World Series of Abominable
  46. Stars Before They Were Stars and the Horror Movies in which You May Find Them
  47. Homo horror
  48. 10 more horror gems
  49. A conversation with the filmmakers of Friday the 13th 2009
  50. My POV on POV horror
  51. I love actors who love horror
  52. Putting the "care" back in "character"
  53. Secondary characters, shmecondary characters
  54. Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, a horror bromance
  55. In space, no one can hear you something something
  56. Eight underrated slashers
  57. B-movie monster field guide, part one
  58. Model mayhem!
  59. 10 great horror movie taglines
  60. 10 horror movies that hurt so good
  61. Gypsies, tramps, and...uh, curses
  62. School's out...FOREVER!
  63. Serial killers: real to reel
  64. Every zombie has a flavor
  65. 10 more drive-in double features
  66. 10 horrible horror movie taglines
  67. B-movie monster field guide, part two
  68. Like this? Try that!
  69. Hammer time!
  70. Jaws vs Mega-Shark
  71. Top 10 Friday the 13th Kills
  72. Best and Worst Asian Remakes
  73. What to Expect When You're Expecting Rosemary's Baby
  74. Blaxploitation horror
  75. Top 10 Killer Families of Horror
  76. Creative Slasher Kills
  77. 5 rules for making your own horror movie
  78. 15 Movies That Made Me A Monster Kid
  79. Horror movie doggies
  80. Guilty Pleasures
  81. 10 Reasons Why Night of the Creeps Rules
  82. A Guide to Horror's Greatest Haunted Houses
  83. Practical tips for making your own horror movie
  84. Horror movie twins
  85. Field Guide to Slasher Psychos
  86. Horror movie hospitals
  87. 10 Lamest Movie Monsters
  88. All hail Roger Corman!
  89. Hot horror fashions
  90. Animals run amok
  91. H.P. Lovecraft in film
  92. Like this? Try that! (3)
  93. Not-zombies
  94. She-Creatures and Bad Girls
  95. Clive Barker movies
  96. Bop Til You Drop Dead
  97. "Guy" Movies? Pffffft.
  98. Women-flavored vigilante movies

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