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Jun 25, 1992

would you like to know more?

Oh, come on now Charles Nelson Reilly. Someone out there may be interested in learning more about me, even if it's only my mom. I'm simply providing a place where these people can click their way to knowledge!

Email: stacieponder at gmail dot com.

Other stuff (art, mostly): my personal website.

See #2 below for more about "electronic mail".

A few things:
  1. If you have no idea who I am (and I don't expect that you do, should, or would–I mean that in a "this is your first time on the site" kind of way), I am a writer and artist best known, perhaps, for my love of pizza. I've written for Rue Morgue Magazine, AMC TV,, Bloody-Disgusting, Real Simple, Pretty-Scary, Sirens of Cinema, and more. 
  2. I got your email, and I definitely appreciated it. That's not even a lie, I did. I thought it was really nice. Unless it was hate mail, in which case I thought it was NOT really nice and I'm not sure why you felt the need to send it, but still. I got it. I get quite a few emails, though, and I'm generally super bad at writing people back, even people I for sure know in real life- so this is a blanket apology if you don't hear back from me. This might help you understand, or at least it's an excuse.
  3. On link trading: that's nice and again, it's appreciated, but I just don't do "link swaps". If you want to draw attention to your site, sure, send me an email. If I like it and end up visiting it a lot, I'll link to you, should ever I remember to update my link list. But otherwise? I just don't do "link swaps". Sorry.
  4. Video games are great.

Here are a few select interviews I've done throughout the ages, with a little hint as to the general subject matter. Some are pretty old, but I've included them as Historical Curiosities. Hooray!

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