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Oct 26, 2015

SHOCKtober: The Week to Come

It's the final countdown! Do do do doooo, do do do do dooo, do do do doooo, do do do do do do dooo. (Ugh, I really don't want that song stuck in my head all day, sorry if it gets  stuck in yours.)

Also, sorry if your SHOCKtober ends up feeling woefully incomplete because I skipped out on the weekend, but life occasionally happens. What matters is that we're here now, and it's all winding down already, can you believe it? I mean, you probably can because at this point in your life you're fully aware of how time works, but still. It went by quickly and we're all older now. Wiser, maybe. We've been through something, my friends, and it ain't over yet.

Before I get to the month's final lineup (do do do doooo...dammit!), however, here is some news you can maybe use:

The fine fellows of the BoneBat podcast kindly asked if I would contribute to their recent "horror in space" episode, and I sure did! I wrote a list of five franchises that should get all spaced out (and the ways in which they can do it), and then they read that list on their show. If you want to hear said list, well, it starts around the 1:06:00 mark in Episode 136. Check it out, and thanks to the BoneBat crew for including me!

Also, I got to talk to The New York Times about Final Girls, and that was super dope. You can read it right here! Giving props to Ginny Field in The New York Times, what a world, what a wonderful world.

Okay, that's all the Me News I have right now. Without further ado, here's yer lineup–when I'll be talking about what–for the rest of the month. SHOCKtober, we hardly knew ye!

Tuesday 10/27 - HOUSEBOUND (2014)
Wednesday 10/28 - BENEATH (2014)
Thursday 10/29 - ZOMBEAVERS (2014) (I know...I KNOW. But I have my reasons, I promise.)
Friday 10/30 - HELL (2011)
Saturday 10/31 - DEAD WITHIN (2014)


Nicholas Kaufmann said...

I read that article in the Times! Great job!

Stacie Ponder said...

Thank you, kind sir!

Eliot Blades said...

The Last Slumber Party?! Now there's a film I didn't expect The New York Times to ever feature. It is kind of hilariously bad - that editing. For a slightly more competent ultra-stripper-down slasher I would recommend Offerings.

I've been meaning to watch Housebound having heard some decent things about it, although having just watched It Follows and The Hive the bar has been set fairly high this week.

Stacie Ponder said...

No kidding! I watched The Last Slumber Party years ago and thought it was awful, but this mention has made me want to give it another chance.

Kensington said...

I do not feel at all let down by Shocktober. In fact, it has been a blast, and I hope you know how much your efforts are appreciated by anonymous folks like me on teh intertubes.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the New York Times! Now I can brag that I was reading Stacie Ponder back before she was famous.

Stacie Ponder said...