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Oct 9, 2011

SHOCKtober Day 9

The Things (The Thing)

You guys, I saw a trailer for the remake of Carpenter's film. I...will...not get angry about remakes anymore! I will watch the original (err, the original remake, technically speaking, I guess) and that's that.

Ray Cameron (Night of the Creeps)

Umm. Yes.

Sayeth the chooser:

- reluctant hero
- great dialogue, including best movie tagline ever
- sympathetic backstory
- gets to do a scene with the legendary Dick Miller and ask him for a flamethrower
- oh yeah, and HE IS PLAYED BY TOM ATKINS!


Andrew said...

Now, as I understand it, this isn't actually a remake. It's a prequel.

Not that that matters, really, unless they come up with something amazing with the mythology of the movie.

Honestly, they could do a remake- so long as it's just as remarkable a re-interpretation of the material as The Thing was to the Thing (from Another World).

Verdant Earl said...

The new version of The Thing is technically not a remake. It's a prequel. About what happened before that fucking dog ran into MacReady's life.

But yeah...looks like the same exact movie from the trailer.

Shit Movie Fest said...

Ray Cameron is one of my all favorite Characters in a movie.
Thrill me!

Mad Jack said...

I didn't pick a horror character, but if I did, Detective Cameron may have won the sash. Classic Spanky.

SPEEDbit said...

Great post! Tom Atkins is one of the greatest horror film actors ever! He was even a fan of of horror and science fiction, one of his best loved films being the Howard Hawks classic The Thing from Another World. He initially had no desire to be an actor. Keep blogging!