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Oct 8, 2011

SHOCKtober Day 8

Bruno (Spider Baby)

Sayeth the chooser:

"My favorite horror movie character is Bruno, the loveable chauffeur from "Spider Baby." I love that he keeps a foot in the outside world but totally commits himself to the Merrye "children" and their insane worldview - he's careful to talk to the girls in a way that makes sense to them, and even when he's disciplining them he does it in terms they understand. But he never just gives up and caves to the insanity: he keeps order within the demented boundaries of the household (cannibals stay in the basement), and does his best to protect the outside world from the Merryes as much as he's protecting the Merryes. When he realizes it's time for drastic steps to be taken, he's willing to go down with the ship. ("It's gonna make a big flash and go bang!" "Oh boy!") And he does it with love. His tearful farewell speech to the girls, when he gathers them to his knee, just gets me every time. He loves his family and he loves his work. He's an example to us all! When I go bonkers, I want Bruno to take care of me. "

He is super huggable.

Herbert West (Re-Animator)

Doing science.

Herbert's appearance reminds me that I REALLY need to revisit all the Stuart Gordon Lovecraft flicks. Really.


Andreas said...

I love whoever wrote that tribute to Bruno. He sure is one hell of a character, and kudos to Lon for bringing him to life.

I've watched both From Beyond and Dagon lately; they're both totally worth it. It's Lovecraft, with lots of kinky sex and extra-slimy monsters!

Patrick said...

Well said, Andreas. The author of that tribute did a great job of bringing attention to a character in an interesting and objective way. I dig it.

I have not seen "Spider Baby". I'll dig around and see if i can find a handy video of it somewhere. I have seen both Dagon (recently) and From Beyond (been a few years) and agree they're excellent.

Herbert West, as played by the brilliant Jeffrey Combs, is a great character; like a horror movie version of Brad from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Andy said...

Spider Baby is one of my favorite flicks. ALL the characters are so unique!