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Oct 3, 2011

SHOCKtober Day 3

Oh man, some choices here. Some real fuckery that gets in your head!

Zelda (Pet Sematary)

Did you know that it's a dude playing Zelda? It is. I always thought it was Amanda Plummer.

The Dwarf (Don't Look Now)

I love this movie. I love this OUT OF NOWHERE DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN WHAT IS THAT ending. I love Donald Sutherland's fro and stache. It's all so good.


AK said...

That's crazy, I always thought it was AP too!

Anonymous said...

Me at the end of "Don't Look Now":

"No! No, Donald Sutherland, do not chase your daughter through those gates."

Look at that architecture--so awesome.

"No, really, Donald, you don't want to be chasing her over canals and through the streets at night. Something tells me that you don't want to look now."

Oh man, now Julie Christie is shut out and can't get to him. I wonder if it's a symbol or something. I can't watch. Something awful is going to happen. Nice subtle Dutch tilt. Boy, is this sequence shot really well or what?

"She's standing in the corner like you punished her, Don. This is not going to end well."

This has got to be one of the better movies I've seen. I wonder if I can get any of my friends to watch it?

"Goodness. What a horrible face. A knife now?! What the--don't just stand there, Donald! Get out while there's still time!"

Holy crap! I've been watching a giallo the whole time! An artsy-fartsy giallo maybe, but, hey, it's Nick Roeg.

Andrew Bemis said...

Just wrote about the dwarf myself. It really is one of the greatest "Whaaaa?" endings ever.