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Nov 11, 2010

To be honest, I had the lights on...

...whilst I was guesting on Conversations in the Dark with The Vault of Horror's B-Sol. I hope that doesn't put you off giving it a listen- I simply don't want to "front" with you, you know?

Anyway, Brian and I talked about preeeeeetty much anything that popped into our heads, although I supposed the original intent was to discuss SHOCKtober and its ramifications. All I really remember is that by the end of the discussion, I'd officially crossed into YOU DAMN KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN-land. Good times!

Thanks to Vaultmaster Brian for having me on the show. Check it out so he knows it was worth his time!


Anonymous said...

You should make a list of things you avoid because something from a horror movie scarred you for life from it.

Thomas Duke said...

For next Shocktober you could maybe have people submit their choice for worst horror film of all time (or top 3 or top 5). However, there would probably be very little overlap, but it would be fun to see the wide variance in responses. Or do something specific to slashers (maybe favorite kill of all time). Just a few thoughts. Thankfully, you have plenty of time to decide :)

Sad man said...

That was very entertaining to listen to. Congrats.

I agree with Thomas Dukenfield, next Shocktober it would be fun for people to submit their list for worst horror movies of all time. I'd say Top 10 slashers but there's not that much to choose from and we all pretty much love the same ones more or less. But, Top 10 slasher kills is a whole different story.

Andrew said...

Of course the problem with "worst" lists (other than the bad karma gonna getcha) is, do you mean "painful" or "funny"? Although I was a loser "I'll-get-to-it- oh-whoops" guy this time, I know I'd be likely to put at least one "not-good-but-really-entertaining-alright-it's-crap-but-I-love-it" movie on my top ten favorite/best list.

Verification word: SPANGED, which is when you've been hit by a falling light in a theater or movie set.

Oh, and great choice for Film Club 2: Thanks for Giving!

Stacie Ponder said...

Andrew raises a good point, especially considering that this year it was all about "favorites" and not "best". There were plenty of films included that when considered as objectively as possible probably can't be considered "good", but that doesn't mean that someone doesn't love it.

A "worsts" list would be fun and interesting on one hand, but on the other...ehhhh. It's just sort of fostering negativity and while I certainly don't shy away from that, "celebrating" it for a month seems like a soul-killer to me.

If I wanted to do "worsts", it'd be something more specific, like yeah, death scenes or something like that. It seems a bit more fun that way.

I'm just glad I have a year to come up with something, although I don't know how this year could be topped! :D