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Nov 1, 2010

While you were sleeping...

...late last night, dozing off in your doze-cloud of horror movies, candy, and booze, I was a guest on WGN Radio 720's Halloween Spooktacular. Click here to listen! Unless you have the ability to time-travel and you'd prefer to go back and listen live- then do that. Host Nick Digilio is a huge horror nut, so he was great to chat with...and I loved hearing all the commercials during the breaks. There was one in particular for...I don't know, some elderly woman who will sell your junk or something. It was cool. Thanks, Chicago! Yes, the whole city.

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dementia13 said...

You sounded like you were having a good time with this. I also got into a lot of horror films at a young age, but it was my father who took me to them, my mother (even before slashers) thought they were just about seeing women get cut up. He wouldn't take me to Mark of the Devil, but I remember seeing the barf bag that they handed out with it. We also used to catch a lot of those old Universal films on TV. Yeah, you should be familiar with them, but...I didn't put any of them in my top 20. Creature From the Black Lagoon was the only one I even considered. I like the Hammer films much better, and even those get a little slow. The Wolf Man, are you kidding me? A werewolf who strangles people? If that scared people in 1941, then Dog Soldiers would have caused people to just die right there in the theater. Devil Doll is an interesting 1930s movie that doesn't get talked about much. Some of the lesser-known Chaney movies like Man-Made Monster are pretty fun, though I doubt they ever came out on video in any format at all.