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Nov 30, 2010

Huh. Weird.

So, you know how I do this weekly cartoon called Toosday Toons for AfterEllen, yeah? No? Well, I do. There's a link to the TT archive in the sidebar over yonder, but maybe you never look over there. That's okay. I wouldn't, either.

Anyway, this week's Toon is all about Murder, She Wrote (that's right, my topics be timely!)...and while you may be all "Yeah? So?" with regards to that information (understandable, as this is a horror blog and all), I thought it might be worth mentioning. Why? HOLD ON AND I'LL TELL YOU.

Whilst drawing the day away, I couldn't help but shake a funny feeling every time my stick figure Jessica Fletcher appeared in a panel. I don't mean the funny feeling in my pants- that was expected. No, what I mean is the funny feeling that she bore a striking resemblance to someone with whom the horror crowd is undoubtedly familiar. Behold! Jessica Fletcher...

...with the addition of a simple prop, becomes...

Mrs. Voorhees!

Perhaps this is not noteworthy at all and it's just a demonstration of my poor drawing abilities. That's fine. However, it does create wonderful scenarios to imagine, such as Mrs. Voorhees riding a bike around Maine and solving mysteries, or Jessica Fletcher hacking up horny teens with an axe.Hooray!


Simon said...

Fear not. That's made me smile. And all it takes to save the world is one child's smile, bitches!


CashBailey said...

Stacie's Toosday Toons make me smile and be happy.

That is all.

originalslugboy said...

Mrs. Voorhees riding a bike around Maine and solving mysteries

"Tonight, on Murder, She Wrought...!"