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May 20, 2009

The Mellencamps

Baby, sometimes bad movies just hurt so good! Over at AMC today I've listed 10 of my favorite bad horror movies, so check it out! I've talked about most of them before, I think, but it never hurts to spend some more time discussing Rumplestiltskin.



Anonymous said...

Great, great list. I'd add Rock and Roll Zombies and Iced into the mix. Cheesedick galore.

Anonymous said...

I could watch the garbage day scene from Silent Night Deadly Night 2 over and over again. Thank goodness it's on youtube.

Mickle said...

Shark Attack 3 is very awesome (especially the sex scene where it's clear John Barrowman has never been with a woman and isn't quite sure how everything works! I do hope that film was part of the reason he was hired for Dr Who...). And I <3 Manitou.

I would also rep for "Sleepwalkers" (cats punching in windows and death by corn on the cob = win), "Dressed to Kill" and "Zoltan: Hound of Dracula".

Verdant Earl said...

Weird, but generally all of my bad movies that I love are martial arts flicks or stuff like Roadhouse.

I don't really have any Horror films that I can watch over and over again even though they are horrible. I'll have to work on that.

Stacie Ponder said...

SLEEPWALKERS! That's the corn cob movie. "No dessert!" I've had it in my head forever that that happened in The People Under the Stairs.

Gahd, Sleepwalkers is terrible.

michael said...

Enjoyable bad movies is my favorite topic in the history of topics. I spend a lot of time looking for them. Here are my picks:

Riki-oh: The Story of Ricky
Lady Terminator
Massacre in Dinosaur Valley
Raw Force
Evil Laugh
and I second The Pit

"Well if it isn't clumsy-stupid"

Jay Clarke said...

What, no Troll 2?

LOVE The Pit though. I wish I could find it on VHS somewhere! I will always go to the mat for HOHH, as well.

Death Bed's a big good-bad one for me too.

Jordan in Texas said...

Haha, I like The Car. Especially when the one weird lady just screams out "Cat poop!". Pure genius.