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May 15, 2009

awesome movie poster friday- the PHANTASM edition!

THRILL! to the return of Awesome Movie Poster Friday! WITNESS! the paper-bound antics of El Hombre Alto! HAVE! a super weekend!

I love how the Japanese posters involve, like, fractals and shit. Also, that cityscape (7th down) is supposed to be for the original film, but...huh? Really?


Dean said...

Awesome! You posted a Belgian/Flemish Phantasm poster! Cine Quellin was one of the many theatres we had in downtown Antwerp. Unfortunately megaplexes came in place of those wonderfully quaint venues. Alas. But wahey! nice one, Stace! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am in LUV LUV LUV with the Belgian translation of the tagline! Especially the "you're already dead!" part (pronounced: "yuh raids doughed bent")I now have a new favorite all-purpose curse against those who wrong me. JE REEDS DOOD BENT!!

Dean said...

I'm whiping the tears of laughter from my face. That pronounciation is spot on! What Phantasm itself is concerned : loved the first three, the fourth bored (pun intended) me out of my mind.