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May 18, 2009

I mean, if you are a LAMB and you want to... can vote for Final Girl over at yon Large Association of Movie Blogs's LAMMY Awards, where yours truly has been nominated in 8 (eight!) categories.

Voting is only open to those who are LAMBS themselves...if you've got a movie blog and you're NOT a LAMB, well, what's your problem? Join usssssss.....

Here's a link to the complete list of nominees and all that jazz. Some of the comments are awesome, and that's all I'll say about that.


Jason Soto said...

Me and you got nominated for Best Theme. I still don't know how that's gonna play out.

spazmo said...

At first I resented my non-LAMB status, because I wouldn't be able to support Stacie's blog, but my disenfranchised outrage was soon tempered when a quick check of the nominees showed a roster filled with folks I've followed online for years. (Obviously, I'd still vote for Final Girl if I could, but my point is - the competition, she is stiff!)

So good luck, Stacie & Jason Soto...represent the horror blogs in style! (And by style, I mean total Nomi Malone-in-Showgirls-style ruthlessness!)

Anonymous said...

Done & done my dear. Congrats on all the nominations!!