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May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Yes folks, it's the one day a year where we all thank our moms for enduring nine months with a parasite sucking her dry, 30-40 hours of excruciating pain to spew out the parasite, and the rest of her life dealing with the parasite's illnesses, bad behavior, and facial piercings.

Okay, maybe there's some up side to childbirth, but frankly I just don't see it. I'm certainly glad, however, that my mom did. My mom is pretty damn awesome, actually- she's the reason I got into horror movies to begin with, which is why I interviewed her for Pretty Scary way back in the day. Go check it out, and say nice things in the comments, because she's probably reading this.

I figured I'd also post a link to something else I wrote back in said day, an AMC column dedicated to horror movie moms. Sure, sure, we all dig Mrs Voorhees, but be sure to give Wendy Torrance some love!


Anonymous said...

Hi Stacie wishing you a Happy ‘aw, you’ve got a really cool Mom’ Mothers Day. I’ve just recently caught the George Romero bug as well – though not the virus! I’m not that good with the really scary stuff (soiling issues!) but the Night, Dawn and Day were great fun. And your Mom mentioned Hammer films. Have you seen 'Let The Right One In' (2008)? Apparently Hammer are just about to remake it without the subtitles I assume. It’s more modern gothic than scary but is the lushest swath of cinematic gorgeousity (erh sorry, got a bit carried away there!) that I’ve come across in a while. If anyone gets chance to see the original and on a big screen it’s well worth it and the soundtrack is to die for ... if you can! Wu-ha-ha-ha.

Jim Giar said...

Your mom sounds awesome Stace. Give her a big happy moms day...belated as it is, for me.
My mom nurtured my love of horror films by keeping me stocked up in Famous Monsters of Filmland rags and allowing me to stay up late and watch horror films. The Brain That Wouldn't Die scared the hell out of me. The scenes with the experiment gone wrong locked behind the door. As the decapitated head asks it questions and the thing responds by rapping loudly on the door from inside its cell....that and ripping the arm off the doctors assistant.