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Jan 14, 2009

The World Series of Abominable

Today over at AMC, I pit the Yeti of Yeti against the Snowbeast of Snowbeast in a "Yo Mama" for the ages.


Alright, so it's more like "This one was made in the 70s and this one was made last year. I will now compare and contrast them in the hopes of elucidating, perhaps, which is the better film." Well, maybe a wee less dry than that, but still, there's not a "Yo mama" in sight. Thinking about it now, this seems like a missed opportunity, although I'm not exactly sure what a "Yo mama" contest between the Yeti and the Snowbeast would entail. Perhaps something about one's mama being so fat she needs to use an igloo for a tampon or something.

Anyway, go read it to find out who rules all of snowdom. Oh, and last week I wrote about Scream and the slasher renaissance, so there's that, too. Wow, it's your lucky day!


Verdant Earl said...

As I've said before, Snowbeast wins for childhood memories of it and Bo Svenson. Bo Svenson trumps CGI always.

Stacie Ponder said...

I really wish I'd seen Snowbeast when I was a wee one- the scene where he pops up in the window would have done me in for sure. I'm sure I would've loved it- hell, Track of the Moonbeast scared the crap outta me when I was a kid.

Jason Adams said...

I could swear that "Letter jackets, Booby Traps" was a b-side on an old Troy Donahue record.

Anonymous said...

Nice yeti stuff! Go read Philip Kerr's Esau. I really liked it, though that may be due to the paucity of yeti novels with which to compare it.

And I infer that you haven't seen the last, unforgivably Weiszless Mummy movie (link because of the picture, because as the guy says, "duh"). There's some yeti action in there. They're good guys, but used pretty stupidly, as the review he links to says.

On the upside, my two-year-old loved the Rudolph Christmas special, and his favorite character is the "Bomable Snow Monster." So that's cuter than a rampaging horde of kittens.

Oh, and I *wouldn't* have liked to see the Snowbeast in the window when I was a kid. Our uncle took me and my siblings to some crazy (anthology?) movie with Bigfoot smashing a hairy hand through a window, and the three of us were scared to go into our jalousie-windowed family room early in the morning for about a month...

Anonymous said...

his favorite character is the "Bomable Snow Monster."

Your kid's a lot smarter than I was. I thought it was "the bottomless snowman," which makes no sense, plus one of the possible readings carries some pretty awful implications.

Your son's only two and he's already thinking about unleashing ordnance on this furry threat? My friend, you're raising a problem-solver.

p.s. Someone besides me actually read Esau?

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwww . . . YO MAMA fight!!!!!

Craig Blamer said...

I saw Snow Beast as a kid (part of my menu was those old ABC Movie of the Week knockoffs of whatever horror film was big in the theatres at the time), and it was sorta scary. Had its moments and Yvette Mimieux.

A recent snowman movie that sorta delivers is Abominable. A gaggle of giggles move in next door to a reclusive Rear Window type just before the Snowman goes on a bloody rampage. Some fun (and gory) death set-pieces, with cameos from Jeffrey Combs and Lance Henriksen. Decent creature FX, too.