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Jan 20, 2009

news and the such

Today's edition of News and the Such is brought to you by everyone's favorite excited person, Briefcase Woman. Wheeee!

  • Shock Till You Drop has posted the newest trailer for the forthcoming Friday the 13th documentary His Name Was Jason, which drops on February 3rd. The 2-disc DVD features gobs (GOBS I SAY) of interviews with some of the most positively random Friday alums around as well as short films, a tour of the Jarvis house, and more. Jasonites should check it out, and I'm not just saying that because I worked a teeny tiny bit behind the scenes on it, I swear.
  • My Bloody Valentine 3D is getting heaps o' praise from critics and fans alike. It's undoubtedly some of the most craptacular modern horror movie fun you're apt to have...unless you're this guy. I saw it again this past weekend, and my friends couldn't decide if it was simply the worst thing they'd ever seen, or if it was a subversive/genius piece of 80s-flavored horror. I told 'em it was the latter; I have no idea if they ended up believing me.
  • For the second year in a row, Final Girl has been nominated for a "best blog/website" Splatcademy Award, courtesy of the kind folks over at Dead Lantern. Click here to vote. I'm honored to be listed alongside some of my biggest influences and cyberpals, such as Curt and Co over at Groovy Age of Horror and David Zuzelo of Tomb It May Concern.
  • This just in! I've consolidated my web-ness just a bit and I've just launched my eponymous website. That's where you'll now find my daily photo updates, Toosday Toons, all my art galleries, random bloggery and whatever- pretty much anything I'm doing / have done / will do that isn't Final Girl. Visit if you like, comment if you want. Just make sure you bring over a welcome basket. I like cookies.
  • Talking about tomorrow TODAY: check out my Horror Hacker column tomorrow at AMC to learn about Stars Before They Were Stars and the Horror Movies in Which You May Find Them. Check out Final Girl tomorrow for something or other.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new collected blog presence (conglomerblog?). I will update my bookmarks accordingly.

Frank White said...

Busy lady.

One blog, a day job, and a drinking problem is enough for me thank you.

MrB said...

I wonder if all of the His Name Was Jason content is exclusive. I have the 2 hour documentary that covered the first eight films that came with the DVD box set.

Theron said...

Yay on the new site.

Now, I must remember to never go to a movie in Long Island. Those ushers are packin' knives yo!

Johnny said...

Loved your stars before they were stars column...especially Jennifer Aniston..when will she embrace her past? Anywho, couldn't help notice an omission of Mr. Dead Fuck himself Crispin Glover from Friday part 4.

Bloody Mary said...

I just voted for you, The Cottage and Belen Rueda! I couldn't vote for much else because I haven't seen anything yet, not living near enough a major city. I'm so sad I'm missing My Bloody Valentine in 3D!