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Jan 22, 2009

aaOOOO, werewolves of comics

How fortuitous! Just as I jump back into stick figure comics full force- like, I'm talking Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force full force here- my old pal Dirk Manning writes me to let me know that Shadowline web comics has just finished posting up our collaboration "Hungry Like the Wolf". Mayhaps you remember the 8-page comic from its original run at Dirk's Nightmare World. Mayhaps it's new to you. Mayhaps either way you should go check it out by clickening ze click click! "Hungry Like the Wolf" starts on page 82.

Shadowline is running thorough the entire Nightmare World series- all 52 stories- for your webcomics reading pleasure. There's goodness to be found in there, and it's all free free free. Read it- it's what all the cool kids are doing! They're also swearing, because swearing is cool.


Anonymous said...

I can't get anything except a black screen.... (viewing in Opera on the mac)

Was going to email to let you know then remembered that you never read/answer my emails :P

Kmork said...

Argh! Now I have a Duran Duran song stuck in my head!

(Do do do do, do do do, do do do, do do do, do do)

Anonymous said...

Sweet Moses, that stuff is just genius, Stacie. Lovin' every panel of it.

Stacie Ponder said...

Anon, I'm assuming it's a browser thingy (sorry to get all technical)- maybe it's not compatible with all?

And yes, I'll readily admit, I've become a terrible emailer, whether it's friend, family, or stranger. I eventually DO respond, though it may be 3 months form now and you've forgotten why you wrote in the first place. I should make it a resolution or something. Next year! :D

Now I'VE got Def Leppard stuck in my head- thanks Craig! :D

Dirk Manning said...

To this day collaborating with Stacie on "Hungry Like the Wolf" remains one of my fondest NIGHTMARE WORLD memories.