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Jan 29, 2009

everything is all right!

In honor of yesterday's post:

In honor of the discussion thread over at The Final Girl Seven:

Yes, The Final Girl Seven of Facebook "fame". See, I started a thread regarding the taking of requests and how I'll be doing that for some sort of Review Event head over there and request your heart out!

By the way, I watched a late-night episode of Match Game last night and CNR was not on. What, pray tell, would be the point of that?


Craig Blamer said...

That trailer for Prom Night is pretty neat... looks like a spot for some dumbassed disco teenybopper flick, then shifts gears.

The movie itself was pretty dumbassed (as I recall), but still...

Joe said...

Bite your tongue - the random 5 minute disco scene is orca cool! Just because it grinds the entire narrative to a halt and makes you wonder if you've stumbled into Saturday Night Fever is just one of the many reasons to love the film (feathered hair also comes to mind).

And the clip from Curtains - pure velveeta. Goes down smooth with very little plastic-y aftertaste. Why is there a doll in the middle of the road? Why is the old hag skate instead of just wait for the model to come back on solid ground? These questions are's curtains for those who dare ask!

Verdant Earl said...

Stacie Ponder, I heart you!

Curtains is one of my favoritist films evah!!!

That day-lit scene on the ice with the crazy hag-faced masked person is, well, it's genius!!!

I love me some exclamation points.

spazmo said...

No CNR? Lame! That's like watching a sober Paul Lynde on Hollywood Squares.

I still remember watching Match Game as a kid, and this one time I was at my grandparents' place, and Bret Somers was roaring drunk and singing "It's Howdy Boobie Time!" and waving her card around on which she had scribbled the word "boobs".

My grandmother got up, cleared her throat, and hurried off to the kitchen. Grandparents tend to be a little on the old-fashioned side, I've noticed...

timothy grant said...

Kelly was my favorite non-final girl ever. She puts up such a fight ... but doesn't quite make it. Back then, if they weren't final girl, they were pretty easily dispatched.

But not Kelly.

Dave Ehrlich said...

I just can't watch the Match Game reruns sans Charles. It's just not right. And what exactly is Mary Wickes' problem anyway? Also: Scoey Mitchell is one baaad cat, I could watch him antagonize that boozy Bret "Battle Axe" Sommers for hours on end. Oh, a world of slasher films and Match Game about utopia.

Stacie Ponder said...

The saving graces of the episode were that Brett Somers clearly loathed Greg Morris, and that Richard Dawson was clearly tanked.