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Feb 28, 2006

It's art, man

Today I discovered Movie Goods, a site loaded with movie memorabilia such as photos, film cells, and posters, from reproductions to foreign rarities. Here's some of the noteworthy stuff for sale I found during a cursory browse (all images courtesy of

An awesomely creepy lobby card from Alice, Sweet Alice:

Here's a German poster for John Carpenter's The Fog:

Isn't that terrible? That's got to be one of the silliest, least terrifying images I've ever seen. Is she supposed to be scary or scared? I can't tell...she's cross-eyed and her hair is going crazy! Eyyaggggghhhhh! Actually, it looks like maybe there's a flasher in the fog and he's just shown her his manpurse.

From the Completely Judging a Book by Its Cover Department, the movie I've never heard of but want to see desperately now based solely on its title and poster:

What on earth did the cats do? Did they pee on his pillow? Did they shed all over his best suit? I'm wondering what the cats could have possibly done to make a man put pantyhose on his head and take someone who looks vaguely like Debbie Reynolds hostage. And who are all those girls lined up? Are they the "cats" in question? I must know...I must know!

I love this Italian poster for Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?. It seems to me that modern posters, when not just a plain photograph of the stars themselves, are simply dull, over-Photoshopped crud. Gimme a painted, broken baby doll head any day of the week!

Movie posters also used to be great marketing, really drawing you into the flick- especially when the flick in question is produced by William Castle, the gentleman who brought us such gimmicks as selling 'life insurance' to audience members (in case they died of fright during the film), or zapping their seats during The Tingler. Check out the poster from Bug:

Yep, it's the movie you see with your eyes closed! Castle's "serious warning" states:
Many people have an uncontrollable fear of the unknown. If you are such a person, please believe me when I say- this movie is not for you.
Have you seen Bug? The cockroaches can start fires and they spell out WE LIVE on a wall. It fucking rocks. Don't forget to go over your checklist after viewing!

The Japanese poster for Friday the 13th has a great layout, atmosphere, blood, action, and short shorts:

And finally, this is why Movie Goods will be getting some of my dollars-

That's what I'm talkin' bout, Willis. Long live memorabilia!


John Barleycorn said...

Best quote of 2006:

"It looks like maybe there's a flasher in the fog and he's just shown her his manpurse."

I heart that Friday the 13th poster. I briefly toyed with the idea of buying one that just had the bloody ax fucking killing that fucking bed. DIE YOU FUCKING BED! DIE!

Anyway ... way to drop Amy Steel in your post. It's been a while. How'm I supposed to get my rocks off without constant reference to Amy Steel? Step it up a notch!

Stacie Ponder said...

The axe/bed thing in the F13 sort of confuses me, despite it's awesomeness: there's bed-hacking action, but no hands holding the axe. But the shadow indicates...what, exactly? There's someone ELSE waiting to kill the bed? Whatever the case, the bed totally deserves it.

You're right- this blog could use at least 15% more Amy Steel. But she's only got 2 damn horror movies out there!! Methinks me am gonna start an online petition...Amy Steel: make more horror movies!

Chris Hopper said...

Those are really cool. My favorite part of DVD extras are when they show lobby cards and other promo material.

Anonymous said...

I got a lobby card of Chris George from Grizzly and one of Jaws from Movie Goods. My life was so good afterwards. I actually discovered the site when I was desperately searching for Porky's memorabilia (I'm in love with Tommy Turner), and as luck would have it, I ended up finding his personal email address. He wrote back!

OK, that has nothing to do with posters and crap, but what the hell, eh?

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