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Feb 5, 2006

Can You See Me?

OK, I'm really weirded out...and ticked off!

On Friday night, while at work, I posted a little something. Umm...not that I would ever post while working, of course, don't be silly! Heh, while I was on break. Of course. Anyway, I typed up all this stuff, saved it as a draft version, then tried to add a picture. Blogger wasn't havin' none-a-dat. Well, I figured I'd try to post the picture from home the following day, Saturday. Yesterday, I checked this site, and there was the post...but the comments couldn't be accessed. Weird. I went to my 'edit posts' lists, and the post wasn't listed at all. But there it was, on the today, I try the same thing, and the post is gone completely! Vanished! Like it never even existed. What the f?

This probably happens to people fairly frequently on Blogger...wait, time out. I'm listening to the radio as I type this, and you know that weird bleeping emergency signal they test all the time but never use? It just came on for about 15 seconds, with no announcement. Then it stopped and there's a Bruce Springsteen song playing. Were they warning me about the Bruce Springsteen song, or is the world about to end? Is there a tornado coming? Does this have anything to do with my disappearing post? Am I trapped in another dimension? Has some doppelganger Final Girl replaced me on earth and no one knows I'm gone? Does this post exist? Where do babies come from? Where am I? This is becoming just like The Watcher in the Woods! Feh, no matter. I know how to avert whatever disaster is headed my way...I'll put on a CD!

Well, I'd like to say that the now legendary missing post was one that absolutely shouldn't have been missed, but that would be a lie. And while I love lying, I don't like lying to you, dear readers. So, to paraphrase the legendary missing post:

I tried to watch Tobe Hooper's 1977 sleaze-fest Eaten Alive on dvd, but the dvd was of a horrible quality and actually didn't contain the end of the movie. Yes, that's right, the dvd suddenly cut off- poof- so I couldn't finish watching it. I then went on to muse about how it was nice to have Marilyn Burns (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) on the screen again, but just like her last appearance in a Tobe Hooper flick, she was tied-up, knocked around, and she screamed alot. Poor Thing.

After giving jeers to my dvd debacle, I gave cheers and linked to...somewhere...which had a little blurb announcing Wrong Turn 2, which made me happy, for I oh so liked the first one. Then I tried to post this picture:

...and then my world fell apart! Alright, that's overstating it a little. But regardless, the post went all haywire and slowly vanished. Maybe Eliza Dushku's breasts made the internet explode. This picture cracks me up. That West Virginian inbred cannibal cuckoo nutso there is thinking lewd thoughts, I bet- something involving the word 'jugs'.


warrenzone said...

I saw the post, it DID exist.

Des said...

He's not thinking lewd thoughts, he's thinking: "Hey, wasn't she on Buffy?"