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Feb 17, 2006

Time to OD!

Ah, internet 'telephone' and the joys it can bring! Via awesome reader Michelle in the comments from yesterday's post, who got it from Ain't it Cool News, who scored from Bloody-Disgusting, who copped it from, comes this sweet shot of Pyramid Head from the upcoming Silent Hill movie.
Pyramid Head is an executioner who relentlessly pursues you throughout Silent Hill 2. He's got a huge knife, he brutalizes his fellow bad guys, and he is very, very scary- despite the fact that his name is "Pyramid Head". Here's some shots from the game- SH director Christophe Gans and crew have done an unbelievable job on this.

I've decided to completely boycott the month of March in an attempt to get the April release of Silent Hill here faster. I hope you'll all join me in my efforts- if we band together, we can do anything!


Anonymous said...

Can we boycott March except for St. Patricks Day weekend? I've got some great (drinking) plans for that weekend...

Anonymous said...

Man, I'm not skipping Slither because of this.

Then again, I haven't played a single Silent Hill game and haven't a clue as to what I'm supposed to be getting so exicted about. The teaser trailer makes the movie look good n' creepy, so I'm psyched that there might be a horror movie that's actually, you know, SCARY. (Opposed to one that is simply brutal and unpleasant, making me feel more uncomfortable than frightened.)

Stacie Ponder said...

You guys are holding me back from my dreams! Dang!

Chadwick, if this movie is anything like the games (and it's looking like it will be), it should be pretty damn scary.

If you're a horror fan and at all adept at videogames, you really owe it to yourself to play Silent Hill 2 and 3. Awesome, twisted, frightening stuff!

Chris Hopper said...

I agree Stacie. The Silent Hill games were the first to give me the creeps. I hate getting my hopes way up since I have been let down so many times before, but everything I have seen about the movie so far looks really good and accurate.