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Feb 9, 2006

It's no secret...

...that I'm a Big Ol' Nerd super cool. Wicked super cool, even. Right? Yeah!

You may remember that during the action-packed drawing for the Silent Hill 2 videogame giveaway I was assisted in the "pulling of a name out of a hat" portion by the lovely and gracious Michael Myers. The Michael Myers toy, I mean. I know it's a toy, honest, I do. Yes, it's true, I have toys. I've got a Michael Myers toy, I've got a Freddy Krueger toy, a Leatherface, a Ghostface (from Scream)...I've got quite a few horror movie figures, and yes, I opened up the packages (gasp, shock, awe!) and put them on a shelf.

Those figures I just mentioned are part of a line called Movie Maniacs, from Todd McFarlane Toys. If you're not familiar with the name Todd McFarlane, well, here's the skinny: he's the comicbook superstar who went from drawing Spider-Man to co-founding the highly successful Image Comics. He's the man behind Spawn (which was a dreadful movie but a decent animated show on HBO), Todd McFarlane Toys, and the purchase of some ludicrously expensive baseballs.

Despite the amount of crap in my house, I don't really consider myself a hardcore collector of anything. I just...have stuff. I'm probably in denial, but I won't be labelled! You can't box me in, man- I won't fit into some nice little box! I won't! I see a toy I like, then I get it, if it's within my means. I used to have a collection bunch of Universal Monsters action figures when I was a kid, including a cool glow-in-the-dark Creature from the Black Lagoon.

I remember for my 7th birthday, my uncle took me to a department store and told me I could pick out any toy I wanted. I picked this:

Yes, the 18" Alien. What every 7-year-old girl wants, right? It was awesome. It had this button on the back of the head that, when pressed, would open the jaw and this little mouth would come shooting out- just like the movie! Unfortunately, the toy is long gone, though I know not wherefore.

All of this brings me to some sort of point for today...I think. I saw this, and (despite the tinge of materialism associated with the notion) I want it! I want it baaaaad!

Hey, I never said today's point would be profound.

Yes, courtesy of NECA, this is the first figure from Dawn of the Dead, due out sometime later this month. My nerd engine is all a-revvin'! Wait, I mean my super cool engine...yeah, that's it...

Speaking of Dawn of the Dead figures, you've never seen the Dawn of the Knitted Dead series, then go here now. They rock oh so very hard.


John Barleycorn said...

All I can say is: "That's silly."

David Lee Ingersoll said...

Y'know, if I weren't already in love with (and married to) the the coolest woman in the world I might start to get crushed out on you.

Stacie Ponder said...

Slattery is such a stick in the mud.

Ghost, I wanna see those cars. The Jason one sounds hilarious. I'm surprised they don't have a Michael Myers in a car, since he enjoys driving so very much.

David, you'll be crushing even harder after you see my picture, which I posted just for you:

Unknown said...

I've seen pics of the gas station zombie (not the helicopter-flat-top-zombie) figure from this line, but I hadn't seen the Flyboy figure yet . . . Gottagottagotta have it . . . :)

John Barleycorn said...

Snicker snicker - I have a stuffed Jason. You push his stomach and he goes "ki-ki-ki ma-ma-ma." It's super lame. I got it for Christmas.

But I've kept it, so that exonerates me from "stick in the mud" status, right?