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Jan 14, 2006

Hip Hip Hooray

It's time to declare a winner in the Silent Hill 2 Giveaway Contest! You're tired of hearing about it, and I'm tired of writing about it- so let's draw a name and give the damn game away already.

Here to draw the winner's name, we've got a winner himself. Here he is, the scariest slasher psycho around, Michael Myers, everybody! Michael, how do you feel about being chosen a winner and having the honor of choosing another?

Hmm. Alright then. I know, Michael, we're all bored, so let's get down to business. Here we have the hat containing the names of everyone who was rad enough to enter the contest...and yes, when I said "pull a name out of a hat", I meant it. It's my very own winter hat, even, for that personal touch.

Now, onward to the action! Behold as Michael reaches into the cauldron of names...

...pulls out a slip of paper...

...and reveals the winner's name!

Anthony Marella! Congratulations, Anthony- I hope you like the game even a little bit as much as I do. And thanks to everyone who entered, as well. I love contests!

Despite what you might be thinking after reading this post- looking at the pictures, realizing that I actually took the time to take those pictures (which, err...required playing with a Michael Myers action figure)- I'd just like to point out that I'm not drunk. Yet.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Anthony...Thank you Mr. Myers...and Stacie...I am drunk now...God I wish I had a Michael Myers action figure to play with...

Anonymous said...

Thank you all!
Stacie really is the best!
And a special thanks to Michael Myers!