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Jan 26, 2006

The Time-Out Chair

Oh, my babies. Yes, we'll be spending the duration of this post in The Time-Out Chair because there ain't no supernatural 70s hi-jinx happening today. What happened? Funny you should ask. It's quite simple, really: I started watching a movie and then, just like your average 80-year-old, I fell asleep. I woke up when the DVD player shut itself off and the TV went all loud-n-snowy. At least I had the good fortune not to have drooled all over myself in the process.

There's something soporific* about Thursdays for me. It's completely unintentional, but somehow I end up taking a big nap in the middle of the afternoon on Thursdays. I can get up early and go to bed late the other six days of the week, but Thursday afternoons leave me dozing on the couch without fail. One would think I would avoid said couch on Sleepday afternoons, but one would fail to realize that I'm a slow learner.

*Props for my mad SAT word skillz.

The movie I was watching, A Whisper in the Dark, was really quite good and I look forward to finishing it tomorrow. It wasn't the movie itself that put me to sleep, so tomorrow should be aces. But today...sorry kids, but we're trapped in the unsupernatural here and now.

I don't want to leave y'all hanging, though, so here's a link to an interview with Wes Craven at Suicide Girls. The good news is, he's interested in making more horror movies where he's really in control of the picture: think more A Nightmare on Elm Street, less Cursed. The bad news is, there's rumours of a Scream 4, but the only person kinda attached to it so far is Neve Campbell. Go read about Wes Craven, look at some goth girl boobs, and tomorrow we'll go back to pretending I'm cool and totally un-old-person-like.

Just when you thought this post couldn't get any lamer...I was going to put a picture here but Blogger is being a snatch. Close your eyes and imagine Freddy Krueger. I'll go sit in the corner now and think about what I've done.


John Barleycorn said...

Uncle Billy Bob, you are my hero.

Anonymous said...

I get that sometimes too. My sleep debt piles up until suddenly I just can't stay awake no matter how hard I try.

Did you see the new Silent Hill trailer? You must go watch it now!

Stacie Ponder said...

Thanks, guys. I feel spry again! At least until Thursday...

Ghost, I'm with you about the PG-13 thing, but I try not to be biased. While I sigh a little with disappointment everytime a trailer comes up PG-13, I also remember that that's the rating for The Ring, which honestly scared the hell outta me and has become one of my favorite movies. I'd think a PG-13 would be very limiting to a horror director, but I guess what really matters is the audience's dollars- and Titanic showed us the power of the teenage girl's wallet. Pop culture hasn't been the ssame since.