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Jan 19, 2006

Everything You Wanted to Know About Tom Savini...

...but I was afraid to ask.

Remember last November when I went to that horror con, Dark Xmas, and I wanted to talk to Tom Savini really bad and stuff but I was all like "Ooh, he looks all bored and cranky" and he did look a little bored and cranky but it was probably just me being too chickenshit to go talk to him even though he was at the fucking con so people would go up and talk to him and I was all super wicked bummed about it and stuff?

What? You don't remember every little detail of my life? Well, fine. Refresh your memory here while I go fetch a snack.

Ok, see? Yes, I wanted to talk to Tom Savini and I even had thoughts of interviewing him for this site. I've never interviewed anyone before, wait, I did interview my grandmother for a 9th grade Social Studies project, but that doesn't really count. I asked dull questions, she kept her language in check, and lemme tell ya- what a snooze-fest. Before I go interviewing people I don't know for Final Girl, I need alot of Murphy Brown re-runs or whatever it is people do to learn the tricks of the trade.

Lucky for all of us, the fine folks at Slasherama know a thing or two about journalism, and they're not afraid to talk to Tom Savini. They've got a huge interview with him right here- so read it if you want to know just about everything there is to know about the man. He talks about The Burning, Romero and the zombie flicks, Friday the 13th, how he got his start in special effects, everything. He considers Day of the Dead to be his best work, and I might have to agree with him.
I won an award for Day Of The Dead. I wasn't there in France when I won it and I don't even know what it's called, but it was an award, anyway. That film is my masterpiece of splatter: my best work.
I love the fact that he wasn't there and doesn't know what the award is called. He seems like a chatty, cool guy, too. See? I'm a chicken! Bawk bawk!

Despite my cowardice in the face of an interview, I do feel like Lois Motherfucking Lane today, as my column is up on Pretty/Scary. Beer will be had.


warrenzone said...

Tom Savini came into a small store I was working at and seemed pretty pissed off when I said "hi" to him so I ended it with that. His wife was nice though.

To answer you question about "stranger calls" - the famous phone scene opens the movie - so perhaps in the new version it will do the same. I missed the trailer for it - but assume that now the twist involves cell phones. I don't know, I'll see it in the theaters - for better or worse.

Marty McKee said...

Don't feel bad, Stacie. Savini has a long reputation of acting snotty to fans at conventions. I don't know why he even bothers to show up if he hates it so much.

Stacie Ponder said...

Really, guys? maybe I'm not completely crazy. That sucks, though.

Brother D said...

I've heard the same thing about Savini. It's too bad - the man was a real inspiration to me when I first stumbled across Scream Greats: Volume One oh-so-many years ago. I still pop that video in every once and awhile and let it play in the background while I'm working on various projects and such . . .

Craig Mullins, the webmaster over at, tells a story about Savini refusing to sign his From Dusk Till Dawn movie poster because Savini doesn't appear on the poster itself . . .

I kind of look at Savini's work as a case where I have to separate the art from the artist. I admire his work, respect what he's done, but . . . the word I've heard about his con appearances isn't always very flattering.

(I actually, many, many, MANY moons ago started what I think was the first Tom Savini website, predating It was back before GeoCities was bought by whoever owns it now, and it's long since been purged from the cyber-ether. I wrote Savini asking for his permission to turn my site into the "official" Tom Savini website, but never heard back from him. When the guys that started started up, they were pretty gracious and cordial with me, though . . . )

Stacie Ponder said...

Next time I see him I'm gonna kick him in the nuts!

Unless I chicken out again.