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Jan 6, 2006

Call Me Care Bear

If you were around way back in October, you know how much I lurve a contest. My first one was such a raging success that I've decided to have yet another contest! A contest wherein you can win a prize! Rod Roddy, won't you shine your smile down from heaven and tell these kids what they can win in my big January Giveaway Extravaganza Bonanza Tonydanza?


Now, Rod Roddy, I know much you liked to exclaim "A new car!" while you were here with us, but that's just not funny. And though I do love each and every reader out there just like I love each and every kitten ever made, I simply don't have a car to give away. What I do have , however, is this:

Word to your mother! I'm giving away a copy of Silent Hill 2 for the PlayStation 2 game system! Yeehaaw! Now, before you start touching yourself in your excitement over this display of my magnanimous nature, let me tell you now that it's a used game. Used, but in 100% working order...just like David Crosby's sperm. I don't even know if that made sense, but it suuuure was grody! "Used?!" you say? Yes, yes...let me tell you the boring little story...

You should certainly know by now that I Heart Silent Hill. Really, I do. I've had this here copy of SH2 since the day it was released, whenever that was...and what a happy Stacie it has made me. Shortly thereafter, another version of the game was released for the Xbox game system, with new, additional material. I didn't have an Xbox system, and what a bitter Stacie it made me. Several tax refunds later, I decided to splurge and buy myself an Xbox, because I'm nothing if not a huge nerd. I found a cheap copy of the Xbox version of SH2 recently, bought it, and so I don't need this version anymore. You see? I'd love to pass it on to one lucky winner out there, in the hopes of spreading some good scares.

To win, all you have to do is send me an email (my addy can be found in my Blogger profile to the right) with 'Stacie is the best' in the subject line. That's it! YOU get a chance to win a free videogame, and I get to feel all cool. Send me an email (send just one email, please- one entry per person!)by next Friday, January 13th, 11:59pm EST. WOW! Friday the 13th! Anyway, I'll pull one entrant's name from a hat and send them the game. Easy, breezy, beautiful. And here's some images from the game to let you know just what you're in for....hee hee heeeeeee!

Those nurses creep me right the fuck out.


Anonymous said...

There is an alternate version of SH2? What is the difference between the two?

Tim S.

Stacie Ponder said...

In the Xbox version, there's a scenario where you get to play as Maria. It's like a mini-game...a new environment where Maria has to explore and whatnot. It takes place before she meets James.

It's not terribly long, but I'm obsessed enough with Silent Hill that I reeeeally wanted to play it. I think the Xbox version also has one more possible ending than the PS2 version, but don't hold me to that.