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Feb 25, 2011

yon Film Club calleth

So there I was, browsing through the Netflix Instant Watch selections, a-wonderin' what the next selection will be. I was all "Hmm, what will the next selecti--OH MY GOD BLOOD AND ROSES."

Roger Vadim's 1960 lesbian vampire film is on Netflix Instant Watch. Roger Vadim's 1960 lesbian vampire film is the next Final Girl Film Club pick.

The movie: Blood and Roses (1960)
The due date: Tuesday, March 22
What you do:
  1. Review the movie on your site. Add a link to Final Girl in there somewhere. If you've reviewed the film before, that's fine- but you must retrofit your review with a link to FG to be included in my round-up.
  2. Email your link to me at stacieponder at gmail dot com. Put 'film club' or some such in the subject line.
  3. Bask in the warm, glowing, warming glow of Film Club Day. Easy, breezy, et cetera et cetera.

Oh, and if you want to look extra cool whilst watching and/or writing about the Film Club selection, you're in luck! By popular demand (i.e., I wanted one), my Final Girl Shop now has FGFC mugs and shirts of all varieties. Said mugs and shirts of all varieties have this on 'em:

Is the zombie waving or attacking? Only time will tell.


Thomas Duke said...

I love this movie, but the only way I've seen it is through the Paramount VHS, which is pretty crappy (dubbed, pan and scan, dull colors, EP mode bullshit). Glancing at the Netflix version, it looks a little better, but not by much. This needs a real DVD release.

There was also another cool adaptation of Carmilla with Meg Tilly that was set during the civil war. It was part of an hour long horror series on Showtime that ran for a mere 4 episodes in 1989. It was called "Nightmare Classics", and it was produced by Shelly Duvall. It was basically the horror version of Faerie Tale Theater, also produced by Shelly, but it was killed off pretty quickly and forgotten, unfortunately. Maybe it actually sucks and I just blindly love Meg Tilly. Whatevs.

I have no more useless information for you today. Sorry.

Stacie Ponder said...

"I love this movie, but the only way I've seen it is through the Paramount VHS"


"This needs a real DVD release."


I am unfamiliar with this Nightmare Classics, which surprises me, as I blindly love Shelley Duvall!

Richard said...

And if you want to go super old school Dyer's VAMPYR is also a Carmilla adaptation.

Andreas said...

If you throw a rock, you're likely to hit a Carmilla adaptation. If the room you're in is full of lesbian vampire movies. Which would be awesome. (And would probably mean you shouldn't throw rocks.

I was going to watch Blood & Roses anyway at some point, so this is a fantastic selection. Plus, Roger Vadim is the master of glamorous, inane sexiness, so this sounds like a perfect fit.

Thomas Duke said...

And Vampire Lovers and Blood Spattered Bride as well! Dreyer got there first, I believe.

Nightmare Classics is pretty obscure, but all four episodes were released on VHS, although I've only seen Carmilla. There's a Turn of the Screw adaptation (with Amy Irving), Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde (with Laura Dern and Rue McClanahan!), and Eyes of the Panther, with Daphne Zuniga.

I loved Faerie Tale Theatre as a kid, but I rewatched an episode recently and it didn't hold up too well for me. Maybe I'll give it another chance. Wasn't there something called "Tall Tales" that she produced? I only vaguely remember that. My brain is frankly a bit fuzzy in general. Yes, Shelley is the bomb, although I am unable to put into words exactly why.

Oh, and I lied about having no more useless info for you today. Sorry for my dishonesty.

The word verification is "sworms"! Seriously! IT'S A FUCKING SWARM OF WORMS!!! The town in SQUIRM was overcome by sworms. Total swormage.

dfordoom said...

I've only seen Blood and Roses in a mangled DVD-R version, which was heavily cut. We can't get Netflix on Demand here but I'd still be interested to hear if it's uncut. I have heard that no complete print of this film survives.

Kensington said...

Ha ha, I don't know anything about this movie, but that film club cartoon is adorable. I love it!

Chris H said...

Hey Stacie, I've just started up my blog and I'm still working out all the kinks (and how to get my crappy computer to play movies so I can take screenshots). I'll make sure to rent this from Netflix Instant and send you a review link.

StuartOhQueue said...

Love the FGFC logo. I might just have to lay some money down for a shirt... after taxes.

Matheus said...

This is great! I know very few people will agree with me but, "Blood and Roses" is my all time favorite horror film (tied with Bava´s "Lisa and the Devil"). I´m working on my review for it right now

Anonymous said...

Oooo I love lezzy vampires! Also, I just checked the basement of the Alamo for The Scare-ening, where is it!?

Matthew said...

Lesbian Vampires? There is nothing better in cinema. Count me in!

obijohnkenobi said...

If the Nightmare Classics version of Jekyll and Hyde features Laura Dern turning into Rue McClanahan (or vice versa), I want to live in that episode!