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Feb 11, 2011

round 2...FIGHT!

EDITED TO ADD: Fucking Zazzle pulled my shit again. I have no idea how these could possibly have been copyright infringing, but apparently they are.

In related news, fuck you, Zazzle.

Okay, I'm having a second go at some Zazzle stuff with minor changes. Also additions, though, so all is not lost! While the Friday the 13th t-shirt is not available, there are some character shirts up. Like this one!

Mugs are also back. Honestly, I love the Mark stein I posted yesterday, but the Fox stein is total win.

There are t-shirts and mugs available for: Mark, Fox, Banana Girl, Steve Christy, Eddie, and Crazy Ralph. The products aren't all showing up in my store yet, so, for now:

They're all customizable, so if you want, say, a Banana Girl travel mug that you can hoist as you flip off hitchhikers, you can make that dream a reality.

Hooray! Get 'em while they're hot, before The Man pulls 'em from the shelves! I don't think they will this time, however, because I'm all ten kinds of crafty about it.


*two people asked


Anonymous said...

I love this! If you could put Jack from Part 1 on a mug I would buy the shit out of it.


RJ Battles said...

I love your Friday the 13th pictures. And I think I'm gonna make one of my friends buy me the "Mark" mug because 1) it's awesome and 2) it's my name.

Stacie Ponder said...

Okey dokey...Jack mugs and t-shirts have been added! Hooray for everything!

Andrew said...

Looks awesome!
And this reminds me, I really could use a new coffee mug.

-Lou said...

If these get pulled then Zazzle really does suck (as if they aren't obnoxiously random about their copyright rules already).

CashBailey said...

The only explanation is that Zazzle are punk-ass bitches.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Cafe Press? Hopefully it won't be the same thing.

Eric said...

Something like this happened to me on cafe press. I made a STOP WARS design that looked like STAR WARS
they blocked it a short while after I had it on (I even sold a few).
I explained it was parody,they put it back up.
But, after that they must have had me flagged.
I put a few designs up that were stopped and then allowed, and 1 that was stopped because it had the Batman bat logo,of coarse that seems obvious.
But, that got stopped before I even applied it to products- I mistakenly had titled the image file that i uploaded batman.Boom busted!
So you might be flagged and they are being over cautious(Stupid).
You might try one of the other sights like Cafe press.
And be wary of what you title the file names.

Michael Ricketson said...

Wow, I can understand there being problems with "Friday the 13th" being on the products, but I wouldn't think there'd be an issue with the revised merchandise. There's nothing illegal about a parody.

Missy Y. (formerly A Case of You) said...


Why can I not click on the link for the Jack mug and not get a bunch of Jack Russell Terrier shit? Eh?