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Feb 17, 2011

24 grate songs

I'd explain the post title, but it's a long story. Okay: when I was a wee-ish bonnie lass, someone gave a friend of mine a mix tape labeled "24 grate songs".

Wow, I guess that story wasn't long at all. Anyway, the point is:

From March 27 - April 2, Film Clubber and super guy Bryce Wilson is running Raimifest at his site, Things That Don't Suck. A week in the horr-o-blog-o-phere-o? Yes, please. I have no idea what I'll do, but I'mma do sumpin'!

I frickin' love Drag Me to Hell.

Speaking of the Final Girl Film Club, Monday is the day! No wait, Tuesday is the day. So, watch Frozen, write something up, and email your link to me. Film Club Day is the one day a month where the whole entire Internet (meaning: five people) comes together in harmonious harmony. Don't miss out on the glory!

In an effort to "get the word out" to people who have probably already heard the damn word 20,000 times, I created a Faceplace page for Ludlow. If you are on the Faceplace and you "like" the page, it will become your friend and you will be updated with all sorts of fascinating Ludlow information, like when there's a release date for the forthcoming Ludlow action figure line. Get in the know! Like the page!

I had the distinct honor of being interviewed by Michael Varrati for Peaches Christ's website. If you want to read it and you have eyes, then click here to do it!


Banned In Queensland said...

I'm gonna go out on a ski lift and speculate that there will be quite a few more than five contributors for this film club.

Bryce Wilson said...

Many thanks for the support Stacie. I've got some stuff planned for the Blogothon that makes me very excited, almost as excited as I am for the Ludlow Action Figure!

StuartOhQueue said...

Sounds fantastic. I've been looking for an excuse to review some Raimi.