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Jun 23, 2010

now read this!

There's a terrific interview with Diablo Cody over at Twitch regarding Jennifer's Body. Well worth a read whether you're a fan of the movie or not. For me, it's one of those rare cases where the interviewer asks the questions I would want to ask- the issues of humor vs horror in the film are broached, as well as the nature of the relationship between Jennifer and Needy, blah blah blah. I wish someone could/would go ahead and make a darker version of the film that realizes all of its potential.

From the Sad Department: no Scare-ening tonight. Family matters will prevent my co-host from being available.

From the That Would Have Been Awesome Department: If I had said that Family Matters will prevent my co-host from being available. That damn Urkel!


Unknown said...

This was a terrific interview and though I'm no fan of this movie it's awesome to read DC defend, embrace and admit to flaws with it. Very cool stuff.

scarina said...

What has that little bastard Urkel done?
His Mugshot.

spazmo said...

Aw. Hope everything's ok.

I was going to call in and tell you guys about the terrifying earthquake we had this afternoon.

On the news they're saying one guy in Ottawa had quite a few ounces of coffee spill out of his mug. It was bedlam!

Anonymous said...

That was a great interview! I happened to love the movie, even for its flaws.

Stacie Ponder said...

Yeah, she's fine...some stuff cae up late in the day that's keeping her out way past our start time, is all.

Mike, I agree with you- I dig this sort of post-game interview, and I appreciate her candor. There's some really interesting glimpses into what REALLY goes into making movies, and what little control filmmakers sometimes have.

Japan Cinema said...

Diablo Cody is the worst. Jennifers Body is jsut as bad as Jonah Hex.

M. Carter @ the Movies said...

I kind of loathe and detest Megan Fox as an actress, but that movie still you put up is the one shot from "Jennifer's Body" that REALLY wigged me out. Like, it showed up in my nightmares a few times.

Personally, I liked "Jennifer's Body" and thought it was great fun. Amanda Seyfried puts on an acting clinic, the dialogue (though sometimes too "hip") is snappy and the soundtrack is great. Plus, I love the way the typical horror movie mores are reversed: It's the chick who's hunting men, and not the other way around.