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Jun 2, 2010

another thing on my other thing

Yesterday I told you all about how being on Final Girl meant you were just one click away from Episode 2 of Space Girls. Well, friends, that's still true! Now you're in luck- today you're also but one click away from a wee little space-centric Q & A with Episode 2's special guest star Lena Headey. You might remember her from something called The Cave, wherein she portrayed a scienceologist.

Speaking of special guest stars, if I ever get to put the words


on an episode of Space Girls, I will just die. DIE. Yes, I would name her character Amanda. Everyone- wish it for your birthdays!

I don't mean the me dying part. I mean...ehh.


TheodorePuertoriquez said...

Why was she always listed as special guest star even after she became a regular character?

Andrew said...

Because she's just that special.