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Feb 18, 2009

other doin's

Pop on over to AMC and read my column all about POV horror.

"Put down the camera and READ IT!"

I mean, if you want to. I know you probably have better things to do. Or maybe you just don't care anymore...which...I don't know, what am I supposed to do about that? You probably found some other horror movie blog that's younger and prettier, right? RIGHT? Is that where you've been? You told me you were "working" "late" and now I find out you've been lovin' on some...some...slattern? Fine. Be that way. Don't read this week's column. And don't take the super wicked awesome ultimate Friday the 13th Fan Quiz either...the quiz I may or may not have made. If you paid a little more attention to me, then you'd probably already know.

Wow, sorry for the drama- I've been overdosing on Dallas lately. Will JR and Sue Ellen ever find peace?

Oh, happier days.


Bloody Mary said...

Dagnabbit! You got me with that Chili/Ali trick!

John K. said...

I got a 60% on the quiz. I may take a ride up to Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco and drown myself and hope for supernatural powers.

And the other's THIUS

Anonymous said...

That's okay, I've been OD'ing on "The Love Boat" this week. :D

Elwood Jones said...

Another good column!
POV horror I agree is a difficult genre to pull off, but if you want to see Zombie horror done really poorly, then check out "The Zombie Diaries" which is kind of a poor man's Diary of the dead.
Whats more amusing is that the makers, openly stated that the masses would hate it and that it would be more a film for the "Fangoria" crowd, who funnily enough also hated it.

Great Blog

spazmo said...

The "how many actors have played Jason" question really threw me.
Who knew? I could only think of eight, and that wasn't even an option.

On a side note: imagine if the original filmmakers had named the character "Jesus" instead of "Jason"?

Something fun to think about.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know The Last Broadcast came before Blair Witch. Huh.

Quarantine seemed to get a much worse critical reaction over the shaky-cam than it's predecessors. Which was odd, because I thought it was less shaky than Blair Witch and certainly Cloverfield. Maybe critics are tiring of POV horror, maybe they were just harsh towards Quarantine because it was exactly the same as [REC].