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Feb 20, 2009

film club's a-comin'

Don't forget, kids! Monday is Film Club Day. On the slab will be the uncut versions of Friday the 13th and/or My Bloody Valentine, so get ta watchin' and writin'!


Anonymous said...

Way ahead of you! I did Friday the 13th UNCUT last month, in fact. Hopefully I'll have time to squeeze the other in this weekend.

FatalPierce said...

In the middle of writing about last months club pick I was literally rushed off to the hospital. Which means when I finally do post about Grindhouse that shits going to have a slant!

This month I hope to stay Hospital free, but man I feel like a big lame. I've only seen the original MBV once so I have no idea which scenes were added for the uncut edition. Still I plan to blather on paragraph after paragraph about how much I enjoyed the flick.

Oh snap I just gave away my ending!

Elwood Jones said...

Ok Well just posted my first film club blog entry, with link to Final Girl of course!

Kinda left it last min with writing it, but will hopfully be better organised for the next film club pick.

Anonymous said...

All done, ma'am: