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Feb 10, 2009

kibbles and bits and CRAZY bits

Sorry for the lack of updates around here. I've been busy...umm...busy seeing other websites, stuff. Look, it's not over between us, not by a longshot- I'm in this for the long haul, 'til the end, 'til we go careening off some cyber-cliff together Thelma and Louise style. Yes, that's a little extreme, perhaps, but everything I do is extreme...and we are talking about horror movies here.

Alright, so nothing I do is extreme, unless you count drinking Diet Mountain Dew.

ANYWAY, onto stuff.

The other night I caught Wicked, Wicked, the 1973 flick about a psycho stalking pretty young thangs in a sprawling California hotel (whether or not it was Hotel California, I cannot say). The film is...well, it needs to be seen for two reasons: 1) it's filmed in "Duo-Vision", meaning "split screen". Yes, the entire movie. At times it's interesting, at times it's irritating, at times it's clever...but it's worth checking out for the novelty alone. As we all know, I love a novelty...and 2) it stars white-hot piece Tiffany Bolling (Kingdom of the Spiders) as a lounge singer. An entomologist, a lounge there anything Tiffany Bolling can't do? No, there's not- and she'll look fly while she does it.

I caught the new Friday the 13th last week, but I'm not allowed to yap about it until Friday, so come on back for my review if you feel like it. Tomorrow my AMC column will feature some interview questions with some F13 peeps, and next week I'll be posting more spoiler-filled interview stuff here.

From the Department of ME ME ME (as if this hasn't all sort of been about me):

- A reminder that voting for Dead Lantern's second annual Splatcademy Awards continues until February 23. If you want to vote for Final Girl in the "best website/blog" category, that's cool. If not, well, I can't say that's cool but I'll try to understand. Of course, I thought we were friends here, but whatever.

- I've got stuff going on over at my website: cartoons, blah blah blah.

- The Chainsaw Mafia, an organization promoting women in horror and headed up by Fangoria "spooksmodel" and actress/filmmaker Shannon Lark, has selected my short film "Taste of Flesh, Taste of Fear" for the 2008 Viscera film series. You may remember it as being featured in the very first episode of Ghostella's Haunted Tomb- yep, my Barbie lesbo vampire movie won a prize. I'm so fucking psyched, you have no idea! I'll keep you updated on any developments...meanwhile, get ready for spring/summer 2009 when the Viscera DVD is released- that means you'll be able to clutch a copy of "Taste of Flesh" to your very own lesbian vampire bosom.

Super cool reader Astrogirl sent me a link to a website promoting the new Wii edition of the zombie shoot-em-up House of the Dead, wherein you can make your very own zombie movie poster. Observe Astrogirl's work!

This gave me a grand idea- GRAND I SAY! Here's the skinny: this week's Awesome Movie Poster Friday will feature everyone's creations- so get on it, chumpy! Make yourself a poster and email me a copy (600 px wide, lo-res PLEASE) at stacieponder at gmail dot com with "ampf" in the subject line by 12:01am Friday, Feb 13. Include your name and a link to your website, if you so desire, then on Friday I'll post 'em all up for everyone to see and you'll be well on your way to fame and glory. No really, I swear.

EDIT: Someone asked if the posters have to be made using the Wii/House site...let's say no, although that was my original intent. Please only submit posters for fictional films, however.

Hooray for everybody!


Verdant Earl said...

Fun. :)

spazmo said...

Awesome! Congrats on having ToF-ToF included on the Viscera series DVD!! Barbies aren't the most pliable media to work with, are they? I still have a brunette Barbie lying around somewhere that I designed a killer Vampirella costume for and used in a short film on my buddy's camcorder and it's just now dawned on me that I'm a grown man who really ought not to have dolls of any kind lying around let alone telling people about it on the, yeah.

But this poster creating project, Stacie - do we have to use the Wii website, or can we just use any creative medium like Photoshop?

Anonymous said...

I figured it was one of those annoying NDAs that kept you from posting after seeing the new Friday the 13th. I'll be sure to check out your review after I've seen the movie myself and written my own take.

Stacie Ponder said...

Spazzie- the Barbies were surprisingly easy to work with...or at least easier than real actresses. I kept them up until all hours of the night and hardly fed them at all. Even Posh Spice was cooperative, which was a shock. I figured her to be difficult.

I say, make posters using whatever. I mean, why not?

Anonymous said...

Aww, this made my day.

Thanks for putting my silly lil' poster on the site, Stacie.

Congrats on having your film selected. I dare say that "Taste of Flesh, Taste of Fear" is the greatest Barbie lesbo vampire movie ever made.

Anonymous said...

Wicked, wicked is one of my favorite 'no-real-redeeming-value' movies. fom the organ score (played on-screen by an actress with a great face0 from Phantom of the Opera, to the voice of Morris the cat as the hotel manager, and of course, deathby fencepost! All against the backround of the beautiful hotel del Coranado. oh, and Kirk Bates and The Leaves of Grass backing up Ms. Bolling on her incredible songs!
I actually lived in San Diego when this was being filmed, and everyone was very excited about it. Until it came out. then nobody wanted to remeber it.
I also love the sub-plot about the old lady who is a resident, and just lies and lies about her past while we see what really happened on the split-screen. Really classic.

This needs to be on DVD!

Anonymous said...

Is your “Ghostella” series hosted on any other website(s), or do you have a multi-million dollar exclusivity deal with

I ask, because the afterellen media player doesn’t work too well for me - 2 seconds of video… 2 minutes of buffering… 2 seconds of video… 2 minutes of buffering… (I know you’re a smart girl and can probably see a pattern here). I don’t have these problems with other sites like youtube or google video.

Don’t get me wrong, starring a paused picture of Heidi isn’t a total loss (her milky white skin, alluring satin negligee, supple thighs… ahem… where was I… oh yeah), but I’d really like to see the rest of your handy work.

W.B. Kelso said...

"Wicked, Wicked" proving nobody takes a knee in the junk better than Scott Brady, Cranky Detective.

Anonymous said...

Hey, hope you can help me, do you know how to change the name of the "comments" in your blog? thanks in advance!

Great work, love your blog, its bad ass!!

Peet Gelderblom said...

Being the red phase De Palma fanatic that I am, I have GOT to see this Wicked, Wicked movie. Did you see it on TCM? Was the quality good?

Dan West said...

I have to laugh as my inbred horror world grows smaller. I read your blog weekly and it's great to read that you are in the Vicera film festival this year. Both Shannon Lark and Heidi Matinuzzi were in my last movie...The aptly titled "RetarDEAD". Congrats to thee on this your hour of glory.

Antaeus Feldspar said...

One thing I've wondered about "Wicked, Wicked" since learning of its existence -- how does one watch it?? I mean, like -- is it out on DVD and you just get the two screens composited into one frame?

Or do you have to be lucky and dedicated enough to find out where some crazy movie house with dual projectors is showing it?