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Feb 25, 2009

news one can use

Part 2 of my Trilogy of Terror II cartoon review will be up later today...meanwhile, why don't you head over to AMC and give some love to the unsung hero actors of horror? Like this guy:

Hmm? Why don't you?


Anonymous said...

Neat tribute, Stacie! Everyone go read.

(And I know that in PonderWorld Bruce Campbell is the jerkiest jerk on the jerk council of Jerktown, Jerksylvania, U.S.J., but I can't help loving the guy's work…)

Verdant Earl said...

Very nice. Some actors just get Horror.

How about a little Adrienne Barbeau love? I know I've got a case. ;)

Stacie Ponder said...

I'm hoping there will be an excuse soon to do an entire column dedicated to Barbeau! She's just the coolest, period.

I want to like Bruce Campbell, and I do in the first two Evil Dead's just that he's become "Bruce Campbell" and it bugs me. But I know he's well-beloved by all.

He's no Tom Atkins, though!

Anonymous said...

I get the douche vibe from BC as well. But I think Bubba Ho-tep is a heck of a performance, like him on Burn Notice too. After that, . . . why am I typing this? I am losing faith in my half hearted defense of Bruce Campbell . . . energy depleting, just not worth it . . . need to rejuvenate self.

Tom Atkins saves the concept of manliness in horror. It is such a gratifying experience to just have him show up in a movie, but then we get to watch him ACT, shooting guns & bedding ladies, exuding the Atkins factor.

Craig Blamer said...

If you haven't caught The Convent yet, that's excuse enough to launch into a tribute... neat li'l flick that catches the Eighties-vibe perfectly.

And my choice for best ironic use of and oldies song in an opening (well, combined with the ensuing mayhem).

And Adrienne? Still showing why I can't get enough of her...

Anonymous said...

Bruce Campbell is most certainly the man. His commentary on the "Evil Dead" DVD is probably the best commentary track I've ever listened to.

If this turns into some sort of Bruce V Tom poll... I vote for Bruce.

Anonymous said...

In what sense did Tom Atkins and Karen Black start out in horror?

Atkins first roles are in the Frank Sinatra film "The Detective" and the comedy "Where's Poppa?".

If anything, Karen Black's career went in the other direction. She started out in mainstream films and ended up in horror flicks mostly by the late 70's/early 80's.

Bill Mosley, Ken Foree and Debbie Rochon are household names?

Stacie Ponder said...

Richard Doyle, the point of this column was that although these actors have certainly done other work, a large percentage of their work falls in the horror genre, and they're perhaps best known for that. Never said anything about any of them starting out in horror- that was a column from a few weeks ago, with an entirely different group of actors.

Never said any of them are "household names", either...again, that's from the other column.

Topcat said...

No mention of Ken in From Beyond? Also featuring a couple of other fun genre staples Jeffery Combs and Barbara Crampton?

I'd want to hang out w/ Peter during a zombie outbreak, too.