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Feb 20, 2009

awesome movie poster friday- the POWER TO THE PEOPLE edition!

As you may recall, I sent up a flare requesting some Awesome Movie Posters from you Awesome People. Those of you who aren't jerks sent in some awesome movie posters, and now I'm a-fixin' to put 'em up here.

Alright, so none of you is a jerk. I just tend to lash out at people who don't do what I tell them to do, probably because I'm some sort of megalomaniac. Man, life was so much easier when I was but a Lego maniac.

Anyhoo, behold the mighty creativity of people who visit the internet!

Astrogirl, the one who started this idea


"Themes of love found, then lost, then imprisoned, and eventually eaten by the walking dead..."

Will Brownridge, Hagi's Movie-a-Day

Mike Royer,
The Blog To End All Blogs

B.E. Earl, The Verdant Dude




J. Astro, The Cheap Bin

The Dark, The Dark in the Dark

Placenta Ovaries

Corey, Evil on Two Legs

I sincerely hope some Hollywood Fat Cat sees these posters and does the right thing. Look at these ideas! Briefcase Woman! Tom Atkins! Linnea Quigley! Motorcycle Cars! A Jason who can swim! Carnies! These need to be seen.


Corey said...

Mamet directs Amy Steel in My Bloody Briefcase? Motorcycle Car, a car that is also a motorcycle? We should all feel shame and an unhealthy amount of despair over the fact that these are not actual films.

Sad man said...

These are awesome! I would pay to see each and every one of them.

Anonymous said...

Some of those were hilarious! I agree, I'd put my hard earned dollars down for those!

Anonymous said...

I already felt pretty inadequate when I couldn't do anything really interesting with that online tool in order to participate. Now having seen the results, I know I am less of a man.

Anonymous said...

Unununed! My Bloody Briefcase! I must try harder next time. By that I mean I just have to DO something.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Stacie for posting my crappy artwork! You are the bee's knees!

Mike Petrik
Hombre Films

Anonymous said...

Jason and the Argonauts=Genius.

Anonymous said...

That's the way-uh-huh, uh-huh,
I like it! Uh-huh, uh-huh!

Illustrations! That's where the fun starts!

~ Bernie