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Sep 2, 2013

It's here, it's here! (almost.)

While SHOCKtober may not have officially started yet, the season of SHOCKtober most certainly has. I mean, everyone knows that the most bitchin' time of the year runs from September 1st to November 30th AT LEAST. As September is here, I need to make my plans for the site known, yes? Yes! If past celebrations are to be believed (except last year when I hardly blogged at all and I was so burnt out and let's just pretend it never happened okay stop looking at me like that) SHOCKtober is the most fun you'll have around these parts. The most. And much like the best of the 'tobers, 2010, it's gonna be all cyber-interactive.

If you have your remembering pants on, you'll know that in 2010, I asked readers what their 20 favorite horror movies are. Not which films are the best, not which ones you think should make some all-time greats list, but which are your favorites. We ended up with a master list consisting of 732 movies (YES I ALMOST DIED) ranging from Halloween to Dust Devil to everything you can pretty much think of in between. It was glorious, a hell of a lot of work but much more fun. So, this year, tell me:


There's a chance there will be some overlap with your Top 20, sure. But then, you know, while Creepshow is one of my favorites, it's never particularly scared me. (And by the way, my Top 20 hasn't really changed at all since 2010.)

So let's see what really scares each other, what makes us afraid to turn off the lights and too terrified to sleep. Maybe it's sharks or a dude in a mask or the idea of being turned into a pod person or who knows. Whatever works for you- and by that I mean whatever. We has some decidedly non-"horror" films listed back in 2010, and I expect we will again, and that's totally perfect. Annnd, maybe these movies of yours don't keep you awake anymore- most films lose effect after years of repeated viewings- but they did, once upon a time, and that's all that matters. Yay!

Now, here's whatchu do.

Email your list to: stacieponder (at) gmail (dot) (c)(o)(m). Put LIST or MY LIST or LIST-O or FUCK YEAH LISTS or something like that in the subject line. THE DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 26th.

Getcher list-making on and let's see what comes of it, shall we? Besides me pulling my hair and wondering why I'm doing it again, I mean. WOO HORROR MOVIES!

A NOTE: Unless you indicate otherwise, I will assume you mean the original versions of all films and not the if you mean, say, Snyder's Dawn of the Dead and not Romero's Dawn of the Dead, be sure to include the year or director name. If you just say "Dawn of the Dead" with no indicators, I'll assume it's the 1978 version.

ANOTHER NOTE: The order doesn't matter, as the results won't be weighted- it's strictly numbers. You don't have to provide commentary or justification, unless you want to give me something entertaining to read- these are your choices. What's scared you! You don't have to pick "classics" or esteemed films or your "favorites"- just the ten scariest for you.


Marc said...

OO I loves me a list! Looking forward to Shocktober, can't wait to see what kinda titles this one yields. Side note and clue to one of my entries: met Robert Englund on the weekend and he was the RADDEST.

Michelle said...

I just followed the links to old Shocktober posts, did I not know that Lena Headey had contributed a list?!?! Now I must watch through her list, know, Lena and things.