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Dec 22, 2010

Tonight is the night!

Which night, you ask? The night that The Scare-ening rises from its grave, that's which night tonight will be. Are you peeing your pants in anticipation? I hope so. Tune in live at 8pmPST/11pmEST, or stream it or download it as soon as the show is over. You can even subscribe to it on iTunes, which makes the whole thing seem very futuristic if you ask me. Which you didn't, but I'm telling you anyway.

I myself cannot wait for it, and neither can Heidi. As you can see, we're already getting gussied up all color-coordinated style to make it the best Scare-ening ever, even though you won't be able to see us while we're on the air. You'll be able to see us in your mind's eye, at least, and I guess that's not nothing.

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