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Dec 3, 2010

awesome movie poster friday - the HAMMER edition!

Lawd knows I've posted some beauteous Hammer posters before, and I could post zillions more. Luckily, writer Marcus Hearn and Titan Books have done that for me with The Art of Hammer, a brand-new hardcover piece of drool-worthy lusciousness chronicling some 30 years of poster art from the famed British studio.

Ugh, just gorge. Nearly 200 oversized pages of artwork from both private collections and the studio's archives, this is unsurprisingly worthy of art fans, Hammer fans, horror fans, fans- a terrific way to round-out the series of books from Hearn and Titan that also features The Hammer Story and Hammer Glamour. The introduction describes the evolution of the poster art over the course of three decades, and the range of corresponding imagery is astounding. The studio's horror output is obviously well-covered, but there are ample examples of their non-horror offerings as well. It's a no-brainer- check out The Art of Hammer and make every day an awesome movie poster day.


Chadzilla said...

I grew up watching Hammer horror on television, so the studio's output pretty much defined what cinematic horror should be look, sound, and feel like.

AND my wife is buying the book for me for Christmas. I have an AWESOME wife. :)

And yes FG, you really need to go to New Zealand. Gorgeous country, friedly people, and outrageous prices.

AE said...

I am now in love with "SNOMANNEN."

Bill Walsh said...

#1 Queen of the Vampires (Italian)
#3 Murder in A Black Suit (Italian)
#4 The Vengeance of the Cosmos (Polish))
#5 Invasion of the Living Dead (French)
#10 Dracula the Vampire (Italian)
#11 The Disfigured Model (French)
#12 The Dog of the Baskervilles : ) (French)
#13 The Snowman (Meaning something like "Yeti"—a legendary wild-man creature.) (Swedish)

John Weddell said...

That Dracula '73 poster is fantastic...there's no WAY the movie can live up to it!

Direct to Video Connoisseur said...

This looks like the ultimate coffee table book, I need to put it on my Christmas list.

I didn't find your site by Googling "Sue Ellen Falls downstairs drunk", but my mom watched that show when I was really young, before I knew what drunk meant, and that scene has always stood out in my mind.