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Sep 24, 2010

People, get votin'!

A reminder so you remember: Sunday is the last day to get your Top 20 horror movies list to me, so if you haven't done it yet, click this to read the skinny and then DO IT! September is almost out the door, and you know what that means. Ohhhh yeah! The month of all the months arrives in full force...although I think October is slowly edging September out of the picture all together, which is fine by me. I would love an 8-week October.

There are "candles of DOOM" for sale at my grocery store. Siiiiigh...oh Halloween, you're so dreamy.

Now go VOTE while I go figure out what to do with all your responses. Don't worry! This is is how I feel about the whole list thing in my heart and loins.


Hhhhh said...

I'd forgotten all about this...

But I'd hate to know that I was the reason Stacie had disappointed loins.

List emailed.

spazmo said...

Light up any room
even dark dusty tombs
or closets for brooms.
shine like the moon
whether dawn, dusk or noon
better buy yours soon!