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Dec 18, 2009

awesome movie poster friday - the JESS FRANCO edition!

Considering the ongoing debate over the merits of the films of Jess Franco (aka Joan Almirall, Rosa Maria Almirall, Clifford Brawn, Clifford Brown (Jr.), Juan G. Cabral, Betty Carter, Candy Coster, Terry De Corsia, Rick Deconinck, Raymond Dubois, Chuck Evans, Toni Falt, Dennis Farnon, Jess Franck, Jesús Franco, Adolf M. Frank, Anton Martin Frank, Jeff Frank, Wolfgang Frank, Manfred Gregor, Jack Griffin, Robert Griffin, Lennie Hayden, Frank Hollman, Rick Deconinck, B.F. Johnson, James Lee Johnson, David J. Khune, Lulu Laverne, Franco Manera, Jesús Manera, Jeff Manner, Roland Marceignac, A.L. Mariaux, John O'Hara, Preston Quaid, P. Querut, Lowel Richmond, Dan L. Simon, Dave Tough, Pablo Villa, Joan Vincent, and Robert Zinnermann), an AMPF tribute seemed only fitting. Notable notes:

1) That one Dracula vs Frankenstein poster is so blatant in its ripping-off of Universal.

2) I need to see The Bloody Judge.

3) I, too, am going to use the alias "Lulu Laverne".

4) Lina Romay.


Craig Blamer said...

Apparently, La Malédiction de Frankenstein is that he's into blow-up doll bondage.

That's just messed up.

Theron said...

Say what you want about Franco's movies, but you can't argue they make for some pretty rad posters!

dementia13 said...

1. I'm amazed that Christopher Lee was in one of his movies.

2. Even with as many terrible movies as he made, he somehow managed to get blazing-hot actresses for all of them.

3. Got to love the cross-eyed death in the poster for La Tumba de los Muertos Vivientes.

4. Lina Romay.