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Nov 18, 2009

it's wednesday!

Another Wednesday, another column at AMC. Friendos, feast your face on The North American Field Guide to Slasher Psychos! It's only small, but remember- Mr. John James Audubon began with but one bird.


Also, if you've visited any other horror site besides mine this week, then surely you know that two new trailers have premiered for genre films starring one- not two, but one- Brittany Murphy.

First up is Deadline, wherein Murphy plays a writer who shacks up in a creepy manse to work on whatever it is she's working on. Creepy stuff starts happening, she finds some DV tapes, she pieces together the mystery of said manse, it all feels vaguely familiar, and the audience wonders what the fuck happened to Thora Birch's career and whether she sees pictures of Scarlett Johanssen and is all "Hey people, I was in Ghost World, too!". Deadline hits December 1, and you can watch the trailer at Shock Till You Drop.

Also, the poster?

I'm not sure what that emotion is. Fear? Ennui? Indigestion? Geez. And if it were me, I wouldn't risk bringing my camera in the tub for fear of dropping it in the water. I'd also be concerned about the giant floating Rosemary's Baby-ish face behind me.

The second trailer that went up this week is for Across the Hall, described as thus:
A quiet night takes a dangerous turn when Julian receives a frantic phone call from his best friend, Terry. Terry claims to have followed his unfaithful fiancĂ©e, June, to a seedy hotel on the other side of town. To make matters worse, he’s staked out the room across the hall from her, a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a revolver in the other. Julian pleads with his friend to stay put while he rushes to avert disaster.
Murphy is the unfaithful fiancee. Check out the intriguing, lethargic trailer at site says "in theaters December 4", but that seems...unlikely. Home theaters, maybe?

Also, the poster?

Supermodel with headache- that's some ANTM shit! Still, my Brittany Murphy obsession means I'm compelled to see these (two movies in one week- that's practically an event!). Wouldn't it be nice if they were both fucking awesome?


Anonymous said...

For me, Thora beats out ScarJo six days a week and twice on Sunday.... where is the love?

Theron said...

I think Deadline could be good. Formulaic perhaps, but formulas work if done well!

Poor Thora. I love her...or, I did. Maybe I will again? Monkey Trouble was awesome, but it was no Ghost World.

spazmo said...

Wasn't Thora Birch decapitated when her scarf got tangled up in the wheel of her convertible? Or was that somebody else?

Watched "Across the Hall" a few months ago - Mike Vogel, from "The Deaths of Ian Stone" (which was pretty neat) - spends a lot of time in the bathtub. So no complaints there.