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Nov 13, 2009

awesome movie poster friday - the FRIDAY THE 13th edition, PART TWO!

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! Hooray. As I'd already done a Friday-flavored Awesome Movie Poster Friday, I wasn't hopeful that there'd be much more material out there for me to mine. Ha HA, I laugh in my own face. There's plenty of Voorhees weirdness all the world 'round! And I do mean weird...some of this stuff...I just don't get it.

While I truly despised the recent remake, I will say the posters associated with it are truly outrageous awesome.


Dean said...

Strange, for the poster of "Lânetli Gün" a huge chunk of the poster for "The Wind" (1986) is used...
Strange looking Jason, too.

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

"Freitag" just doesn't sound intimidating.

Rick "The Hat" Bman said...

Wow, Friday the 13th has had some pretty awesome posters throughout the year. And I agree with you about the remake. The movie was bloody awful but some of the posters looked really cool.

TJ Dietsch said...

The 13 Gun one looks amazing.

Bryce Wilson said...

I love the Japanese poster for Part 2.

Then again I'm pretty much a Part 2 4 Life kind of guy.

danny spoiler said...

nice. love the crosseyed bewilderment on jasons face in the petak 5 one.

Bryce Wilson said...

I love the Japanese part 2 one.

Also not to shamelessly self promote, but the one I found for my look at the first Friday The 13th is pretty kickass.

The Portland Review said...

You know, when I realized it was Friday the 13th today I immediately decided I should watch one of the movies tonight, and then I couldn't think of a single one I actually wanted to see again. For some reason, since the only ones I don't own are 4 and 8, I'm convinced 8 is the only one that would make for a fun evening...but that just can't be true. I know 8 sucked. I KNOW it did. ANd I know I'll watch it again and get all excited beforehand and then be like "oh...this mostly took place on a boat, didn't it? Fuck."
Curse the eternally hopeful hearts of slasher fans. They never seem to get us anywhere.

Queen Anthai said...

Um...I'm pretty sure that Spanish one at the end really ought to say "13 Viernes."

"Martes" is Tuesday.

Cultural difference, or a case of UR TRANSLATIN IT RONG?

The Portland Review said...

Sean Cunningham and Co. enrich our lives yet again.

Bill Walsh said...

Hokay, let's just jump right in. I'm just gonna type F13 for "Friday the Thirteenth." Sue me. To make it up for you, I'll spell out "thirteenth" in the various languages. : )

"Der neue Horror-Schocker! Freitag der Dreizehnte"

The new horror shocker! F13. (German)

"On üçüncü gün" = F13 (Turkish)

"Sensation i USA! Dygnet som blev en mardröm! Fredagen den Trettonde. Dom som hade fredagen den trettonde som sin lyckodag finns inte löngre bland oss."

A sensation in the USA! The day and night were a nightmare! Those who had F13 as their lucky day are no longer with us.

"Péntek tizenharmadik. Figyelmeztették őket. El vannak átkozva. Péntek tizenharmadikán nem menti meg őket semmi."

F13. They were warned. You are cursed. On F13, nothing can save them. (Hungarian)

"Jū san ka no kinyōbi"

F13 (Japanese)

"Den skånselsløse skræk fortsætter. Fredag den Trettende Nummer Tre."

The relentless terror continues. F13 #3. (Danish)

I'm taking a pass on the Korean this week. So…tired…

"Američki Horor Film. Petak Trinaesti Posljednje Poglavlje." followed by "Peti Deo"
American Horror Film. F13 the Final Chapter. Followed by "Fifth Part." I know, I know, you call it "Screaming Black Man," Stacie, but… (Croatian)

"Lânetli Gün"

Accursed Day (Turkish)

"Jason hante toujours nos memoirs… Vendredi Treize Chapitre Cinq. Une nouvelle terreur."

Jason still haunts our memories… F13 Chapter Five. A new terror. (French)

"Tutti dobbiamo morire. Anche tu. Nove. Morte violenta. A giugino nei cinema."

Everyone must die. You too. IX. Violent Death. In theaters in June. (Italian)

Next one is a literal Croatian translation of the English text on the poster.

And the Spanish one literally translates the English one for the same movie two above it, with the exception of the "Tuesday" thing Her Majesty noted. And Her Majesty is correct: cultural difference. Tuesday the thirteenth is considered unlucky in Spain, Latin America, and Greece. One explanation is that Constantinople fell to the Ottomans on Tuesday, March 29, 1453…

Kmork said...

The main title of the Korean poster, 불랙 후라이데이 , is a rough transliteration of 'Black Friday', and directly above that, it mentions something about the conclusion of the _________ 13th day, and I wrote _______ because the characters in the middle are of Chinese origin (at that point in time, Chinese characters were used in Korea with greater frequency) and I haven't the slightest clue as to what they really mean.

Hud said...

What the hell is up with that Japanese one for The Final Chapter - is that blue woman praying?

Bill Walsh said...

Hey, thanks, C-Wire. I had gotten "Biraek," but hadn't figured out what the hell was going on there. Transliteration of "Black." D'ohh!

Validation word: reaboni, the giant flightless bird that smooths the ice between periods.

Unknown said...

I've always liked that Part V one with the Jason mask and Tommy holding the machete.. would make for a cool special edition DVD cover or custom made one.