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Aug 28, 2009

awesome movie poster friday - the WILLIAM CASTLE edition!

Hooray for schlock!


Kelsey K said...

Man, do I love me some William Castle. It was so cool how he immersed the audience into his movies by having actors dressed as nurses outside the theater handing out death certificates and installing vibrators in the theater seats to trick you into thinking a Tingler was biting your ankles. Why don't they do that with movies anymore? It would totally make paying the ridiculous money it costs now to buy a ticket worth the price if a balloon skeleton popped up out of nowhere and flew across the audience.

Also, I don't care what anyone says: House on Haunted Hill is one of Vincent Price's best roles, hands down.

Charles said...

I don't know which was better:

The creepy old lady in House on Haunted Hill or Vincent Price on LSD in The Tingler.

Bill Walsh said...

So, let's see. The Night Walker actually is improved, to my mind, in Italian as Passi nella notte, Footsteps in the Night.

Meanwhile The House on Haunted Hill is made vague to the point of meaninglessness as The Night of All Mysteries. Quoi? Those wacky deconstructionists.

Awesome stuff, Stacie, per usual.

Paul said...

Wanna know one thing I love about life? There's always a William Castle movie you haven't seen yet. Take a look at the Cinematheque Francaise's complete retrospective if you don't believe me. These posters rock very much indeed, and it's funny how the one for The Tingler seems like the most restrained of the bunch!

Anonymous said...

"13 Ghosts"...I found it to be a little more disturbing as how the ghosts were presented due to the movie code. I'm moreso the type of person that's freaked out by skull-faced children chattering in high speed than an undead kid with an arrow in his head doing nasty things to the living. And you'd also think a severed arm would have bone and other fleshy stuff coming out of it...of course, I think 'the Torso' was worse to watch. :(

Although all the witch jokes made at Margaret Hamilton's expense were hilarious. (And the housekeeper in the redo was named Maggie. :) ) And it did inspire Marc Davis, the Disney animator who worked on the Haunted Mansion attraction. :)