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Aug 19, 2009

15 more horror films i'd like to see

Depending on how much booze you've had so far today, you may or may not remember that once upon a time, I wrote up a list of 50 Horror Films I'd Love to See. Then I created Ghostella's Haunted Tomb, and made the leap from dreams to reality with a few of those titles: Who's Been in the Herb Garden?, Taste of Flesh, Taste of Fear, and Deadly Dress 4: Never a Bride are just a few of the titles turned movie (using that term loosely) that the world can now enjoy (using that term even looser). Who knows, then, what may happen with this list of 15 More Horror Films I'd Like to See? WHO KNOWS? For now, I simply anticipate that it will be read, unless you rightthissecond leave this page, which- let's be honest- would be a bit silly seeing as how you've already read this far.

  1. Curds: The Legend of Fungal Joe
  2. Children Are the Corn
  3. Don't Look in the Pie
  4. The Homewrecker, Part 5: Tupperscare Party
  5. I Was a Teenage Chupacabra
  6. The Devil's Mudflaps
  7. Rod Roddy Has Risen From the Grave
  8. Supercide Me
  9. Death Loaf
  10. The Curse of the Haunted Ghost
  11. It Only Hurts When You Stab Me
  12. I Kill, You Die
  13. Death Face 2000
  14. Revenge of the Furnituremaker: Bloody Stools
  15. The Tell-Tale Vagina
Here's a bonus title that doesn't obviously jive with the genre: Carny Asada

If there's one thing I've learned from writing down these 65 titles, it's that I'm obviously wicked into the idea of horror movies that somehow involve corn.


Unknown said...

Carny Asada - He's not a barker, he's a BUTHCER!

Anonymous said...

I mis-read Rod Roddy and thought it was Rowdy Rowdy (Piper). He ain't dead yet, is he??? Either way, that's a movie I would see.

Jason Adams said...

Rowdy Roddy vs. Rod Roddy could be this millennium's Ecks Vs Sever. I think we're ready.

DM said...

Everything but The Tell-Tale Vagina sounds like porno to me. Are you sure you're not confused? I mean I've only five beers so far today, so I'm sure I'm not the one making the mistake.

Robson said...

I'd pay good money just to hear gritty-70s-announcer-guy say any of those titles in the trailer.

JesseM said...

Awesome. This list reminds me of a funny cartoon with movie titles made up by Matt Groening's kids when they were little in his book Will and Abe's Guide to the Universe, which included:

-The Zomboid Walks Upon Earth
-My Brother Is A Scorpion Vampire
-I Married A Cyclops (Because No Man Existed)
-The Tongue Chomper
-Double Head In The Hidden Door
-Son Of Them
-The Ghost Is Behind You
-Terror Bunnies Meet The Killer Flashlight
-There's A Eyeball Down The Drain
-They'll Use Your Bones For Tools
-My President Is A Demon
-The Monster That Ate 75 Phantoms
-I Just Growed A Spike
-The Scary Butcher
-The Beast With No Skin
-The Four Zombies Are A Monster
-Watch Out For The Man In The Aisle
-It's Rainin' Brains
-Don't Go In That Cave
-Well, You Are Dead

Chris Otto said...

More fun with Stephen King titles:

1. "Salem's It"

2. "The Christine Zone"

3. "The Misery Mile"

4. "The Girl Who Loved Randall Flagg"

5. "Gerald's Pretty Pony"

6. "Under the Cujo" or "Cujo Claiborne" or "Bag of Cujo"

7. "The Shining Firestarter"

8. "Carrie, Christine and Dolores Claiborne Take A Long Walk"

9. "Needful Tommyknockers"

10. "The Eyes of the Rita Hayworth"