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Aug 21, 2009

awesome movie poster friday - the LESBIAN VAMPIRE edition!


Jason Adams said...

Whatever "that weird feeling" is that she's given me, it itches. MOST UNNATURAL!!!

Bill Walsh said...

Great stuff, Stacie! Lesbians are just best vampires, I guess.

So, Unsolicited, Off-the-Cuff Translations (unless Bloody Mary is still around. She once solicited some):

Las Hijas de Dracula—Daughters of Dracula

Vernascht und ausgesaugt! Nur Vampire küssen blutg—Snacked on and sucked dry! Only Vampires Kiss Bloodily. (This one has a good pun: "Vernascht" can mean "eaten up" [of a dessert] or "laid" in the "ge''in' biz-zay" sense.)

Besarla…era morir. Ataúd para un vampiro—Kissing her…was to die for. Coffin for a Vampire

Zagadka nieśmiertelności—Hunger for Immortality (Lit. Of Immortality. Not sure exactly which is better.)

Les Prédateurs—The Predators (duh)

Blut an der Lippen—Blood on Her Lips (lit. "the lips, but that doesn't read well)

La Novia Ensangrentada—The Blood-Spattered Bride

…Et mourir de plaisir (Le sang et la rose)—To Die of Pleasure (The Blood & the Rose)

Il Sangue e la Rosa—The Blood & the Rose

Monster Scholar said...

Wonderful stuff! I must check out the Hunger and Blood and Roses

Stacie Ponder said...

I can't decide if "She gives you that weird feeling!" is the BEST or the WORST tagline in the history of ever.

Although..."Snacked on and sucked dry!" may give it a run for its money. Thanks, Bill!!

I know it's considered one of the best of the genre, but I'm not really a huge fan of The Hunger. There, I said it.

I AM a huge fan of that long Blood & Roses poster, though, the second one from the bottom. What a beaut!

Jay Clarke said...

Ooooh, my favourite kind of vampire! Awesome post Stacie!

Erich Kuersten said...

Blood and Roses has some lovely posters, but where in hell's name is the movie on DVD? It can't be that bad, or can it?

The lesbian vampire originates with CARMILLA, which is in the public domain without all the sticky copyright battles over the theatrical rights for the John Balderston adaptation of Dracula (not for the Stoker work itself, which is in Public Domain).

Just like anyone can make a Frankenstein or Dracula and not have to pay royalties, UNLESS you use monster make-up or follow the original play. Confused? Lets not even mention that lesbian vampires is sexy and inexpensive, just get to pretty girls together, splash some Max Nye blood on them, put "directed by Jean Rollin" somewhere and it practically writes itself... sorry to ramble.

MediaKitten said...

Oh I absolutely love Vampires Lesbos, The Hunger, and The Vampire Lovers. Yay! I must check out the others.

LaDracul said...

Apparently, a lesbian werewolf movie is in the works-

Although you just can't go wrong with the Elegant Gothic Aristocrat-ness of the Hammer Films. I wonder how much of a sensation those entries caused when first released...

FatalPierce said...

I was ready to riot, Riot I tell you. If "The Vampires Lovers" hadn't of had representation here. Well ok maybe not riot, but I would have penned a very curt comment! Instead I think I'll go home and watch it tonight. I think it may actually have been the first Hammer movie I'd ever seen.

DJ D said...

I am seriously digging your stuff here. I've come across your blog because a friend of mine made the following comment on mine recently:

"I think I may have found your future wife" Then he posted your link.

Time will only tell whether that statement is true, but you've got some SERIOUSLY good taste in movies, that's for sure, and I think we could have a lot to talk about. You're a girl after my own blackened little heart.

I don't know what your musical tastes are, but I'm the host of a weekly radio show specializing in Goth, Darkwave, Death Rock, and Horror. I interject a lot of little samples and radio spots from cult horror films in between the songs, as well as do movie reviews and discuss cult horror movies a lot. If your blog had a soundtrack, it might sound something like my show. You should check it out sometime.

goblin said...

You know what I've just realized? Lesbians are sort of like pirates – they make everything better!

The Portland Review said...

Man, whoever made the "Vampyres" poster clearly doesn't realize that "moist" is the GROSSEST WORD EVER and should not be used to know, sexy-times. Come on.

Also, holy God I love Eastern bloc movie posters. Is anything better? No.

Unknown said...

I love that disclaimer for The Vampire Lovers that says "Not for the mentally immature" - as if the only ones watching a film about "blood nymphs" and shackled muscular people are the most mentally mature.

I Am The Average Joe said...

If only Vampyros Lesbos was as good as that poster makes it seem