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Sep 10, 2008

Film Club 2: The Repickening

October is approaching fast, kiddies, and I, for one, cannot wait. I have no idea yet what kind of SHOCKtober shenanigans I'll be cooking up around these parts- suggestions are welcome- but it'll surely be rad. It's the most wonderful time of the year, am I right?

Set the Wayback Machine to AWESOME and grab yourself a copy of next month's Film Club selection:

Yes, people, a movie combining the magical magic of Joan Crawford, William Castle, and axe murders actually exists! And we will all hold cyber-hands and watch it together, and then we will have a big cyber-wedding because UNDOUBTEDLY everyone will want to marry this movie when it's all over.

Netflixites can click here to queue that shit up.

The film: Strait-Jacket
The due date: Monday, October 6

Get outta here already, September!


Anonymous said...

Cool. It has Lee "10 1/2" Majors. And George " Hard as Fuck " Kennedy. I always thought MOMMY DEAREST would've been better if Christina had been replaced with Trog and Blue Oyster Cult did the soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget tenth-century Viking explorer Leif Erickson!

Fred [The Wolf] said...

Cool. I'm definitely down with this. Should be a fun one.

Bloody Mary said...

Yay! This has been languishing in my queue forever.

Anonymous said...

Yo Feminina Ultima

Changing the subject entirely: what's your thinking on 'The Crawling Brain'?

Worth hunting down? Or just something you don't want living under the sink?

rob! said...

"you can have 20% of the circus, and 100% of me."--Joan Crawford, Strait-Jacket.

Johnny said...

Nice! I actually just recently posted a whole thing about William Castle's many gimmicks on my blog and I stumpled upon this one and wanted to see it. Castle had cardboard hatchets handed out to each paying customer when it came out! Will definetly check this one out.


They showed this movie on TV two weeks ago here in Chicago. It was great!

Here it is on if you don't care about the crappy quality.

Baba Doodlius said...

Joan Crawford was in a movie called "Strait-Jacket" and it wasn't a documantary? Wonders really never do cease.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

We've netflixed Strait-Jacket! I emailed Caty and demanded that we watch this movie and she had her whole planning center cracking up over our viewing choices :) Oh, it's so good to love the strange!

Snuffed said...

Thanks Mr Campanella! I thought (yet again!) I wouldn’t be able to source a copy of the selection but you have saved the day, I love you and I want my next door neighbour to have your children ... only joking ... well, actually I think the neighbour probably would ... but she kinda smells ... so, erh, thanks anyway!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"william castle" is often remembered as being merely a gimmicky film maker, however i like to think of him as just being an extremely good film maker, take this film for example, it still holds up well even after 44 years and has that cultish magic possessed by many of his other films, ("house on haunted hill", "the tingler", etc), it also has a certain "joan crawford" in arguably her best film, (forget "mildred pierce" and "johnny guitar", "strait-jacket" is the real mccoy).