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Sep 3, 2008


- Word, y'all! It's AMC day. Go forth and be positively dazzled* by my ruminations upon les films d'anthologies. I've only mentioned how much I like them 9863472 times, so I figured it was time to bring it up again.

- Why do I keep cutting my fingernails with scissors? The results always suck.

- There's a new Friday the 13th documentary in the works, kids. His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th will premiere on Starz in February '09, timed with the Friday remakeareimaginariumapalooza. It's being helmed by the Dan Farrands and Anthony Masi, the creative team behind Halloween: 25 Years of Terror. I know they've got lots and lots of goodies in store (including the answer to one burning question that has plagued mankind for more than 25 years) and I, for one, am super wicked looking forward to it. So is our old pal horrorchick81.
cant wait for this! chcichicahhaahchichihcihahah! love live jason
Raise your glasses high, people! Love live Jason! Add them as a fake cyber friend to get all the latest info and check out some behind the scenes photos...for more skinny, check out this interview with Fasi over at Shock Till You Drop.

*your results may vary


Anonymous said...

Ooh! horrorchick81 is into scrapbooking!

Natazzz said...

- Why do I keep cutting my fingernails with scissors? The results always suck.

*Looks confused* How else are you supposed to cut your nails?

Anonymous said...

Soooo... when will there be an interview with horrorchick81? She seems to have much to say and I'm looking forward to reading it in all its incomprehensible glory.

I mean: "Me ams look for intervu and much happy. LOL!"