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Mar 12, 2008


Hey, lady. YOU, lady- cursing at your life. You're a discontented mother and a regimented wife, right? I've no doubt you dream about the things you'll never do...but, I wish someone had talked to me like I wanna talk to you..............

Kids, I've got two tickets to paradise Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in Los Angeles to giveaway and you- yes, YOU, lady- could be a lucky winner! Getting yourself to "me", however, is up to you entirely.

Is any of this making sense? Sorry. It's, like, negative fifty in the morning it's so early. Are you saying to yourself "LADY?, Why, I'm no lady! I'm an outie, not an innie!"? Or maybe "LADY? Why, I'm no lady! I curse like a fucking sailor!" Well, don't worry, fellas and fellow swear mongerers, we're all ladies here at Final Girl. Maybe this site should be called Final Lady.

Holy crap, this is what happens when I start typing before I'm fully awake.

BUT! It's entirely true. I've got 2 tickets to Fango to giveaway. The lucky winners will find themselves the proud owners of weekend general admission passes to Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors In Los Angeles. How rad is that? The con is April 25-27 and there's a frickin' sweet lineup and there'll be crap to buy as far as the eye can see. I'll be there and I will be so fucking square you don't even know- I'm already airing out my springtime convention muumuu.

Read all about the con RIGHT HERE or click to embiggen the pics below. Check out some of these names!

George Romero! Clive Barker! Danielle Harris! Judith O'Dea! How cool is it that Jenette Goldstein (Near Dark, Aliens) is gonna be there? I totally wanna meet her, although I'm kind of afraid she'll try to use me as a pull-up bar or something.

Alright. To enter in the FABULOUS FANGO-A-GO-GO TICKET GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA, simply send me an email at with FANGO in the subject line. I'll be drawing the 2 winner names at random, but ego-stroking and butt-kissing are always welcome regardless. Send the email by the 11:59pm PST, Monday April 14. Winners will be announced here and will be the envy of all of their friends and fellow FG readers.

Good luck, ladies!

*edited for clarification: I'll be drawing two names and each winner will get ONE general admission pass. That way, more readers win! More winners = more winners! Huzzah!


Adam Ross said...

I wonder if Goldstein will have this sign at her booth: "PLEASE DO NOT ASK 'Hey Vasquez, you ever been mistaken for a man?' IT'S NOT FUNNY ANY MORE, YOU WILL BE ESCORTED OUT OF THE BUILDING"

Anonymous said...

Damn, wish I were in L.A. Too cool.

FatalPierce said...

I'm in the same boat as Bill, I wish I were in L.A. or even back in Oregon.

On a completely unrelated note check this out, Some 9 year old found himself a Megalodon tooth.

kidicarus222 said...

Have you ever looked at Goldstein's resume? That woman in a chameleon. She's played far less fierce roles than the one in Aliens. Impressive, really.

spazmo said...

Love that shot of Vasquez!

Those guns of hers are sick.
And just look at that icy expression on her Latinacized face.

Stacie Ponder said...

Drew, I've only seen Goldstein in the two movies I mentioned, but I might have to check out more. She's one of my favorite 80s faces based on those two performances alone.

I really love Vasquez. She's a really uniques character- a toughie who actually IS a toughie, you know? Unapologetically butch, and it's not a big deal aside from her exchange with Hudson. You really NEVER see characters like her on-screen. She'd SO kick my ass...all our asses!

Theron said...

I guess it doesn't include air fare? C,mon Stacie - You could write it off!

Anonymous said...

Hudson: Hey Vasquez, you ever been mistaken for a man?
Vasquez: No. Have you?

I want to be a Vasquez when I grow up.

aderleth said...

Ever wonder if Angus Scrimm gets tired of these things?

"Jesus, I played the Tall Man twice and no one will leave me alone about it. I also played Puck in Chicago's Shakespeare in the Park in '53. Anyone see that!? Anybody?"

Poor Angus.

Also, does anyone find Clive Barker's resemblance to Peter North a tad unsettling?